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10 Tips from First Year Law Students – 1L Tips

Here are 10 tips from first year law students. The tips are based on the mistakes they made during their first year of law school and things they did that worked especially well. The tips are helpful, and some are a bit humorous. The video is less than 8 minutes long.

Is Law School Grading Arbitrary?

In this video, law professors discuss the challenges of grading. One law professor presents a disturbing viewpoint: law school grading is somewhat arbitrary because grading is so subjective. What do you think? I agree that law school grading is not precise—and some law school professors are worse than others. For most law professors, it is [...]

Law School Gunners – How Not to Be a Gunner

If you’re in law school, you probably know what a “gunner” is. In short, it’s a person who frequently raises their hand to talk in class. Gunners seem like they just want to hear themselves talk. They seem to want to impress

How to Build Your Law School Resume

This video explains tips for law students seeking to build their law school resume. Law firms and legal job employers often look beyond grades to determine whether a law student is the right fit for a job. The video goes beyond grades to discuss practical tips and creative ideas for building a strong law student [...]

Day in the Life of a Law Student

Have you ever wondered what an average day is like for a law student? Check out this video. This law student created a four minute video showing a photo of him every thirty seconds throughout the day. From my experience, this law student’s day is very similar to

Too Many Law Schools?

Law students and lawyers are increasingly concerned about the growing number of new law school graduates. Each year, law schools in the United States produce are more law students and more new attorneys seeking attorney jobs. But there may not be enough attorney jobs to handle to growth. Still, many believe that more law students [...]

Use EtherPad to Take Notes with Friends During Class

A new website called EtherPad allows you to take notes during class with a friend. You both edit the same page. You can see your friends notes and save the final version. It’s called real-time document editing collaboration. Why would you want this? Here are a couple examples.

Don’t Mess with a Law Student’s Laptop

A law student from Arizona State University College of Law recently made the news when a burglar broke into the law student’s apartment. The law student awoke, and the burglar threatened to hurt him with a baseball bat unless the law student turned over his possessions. The law student freely turned over his wallet, guitar, [...]

$500 Scholarship from American Association of Law Libraries

Want a chance at $500 by writing an essay on any topic related to legal history, rare law books, or legal archives? The American Association of Law Libraries announced its first annual Morris L. Cohen Student Essay Contest.

What Major Should I Get Before Law School?

A high school student recently asked: What major should I get before law school to improve my chances of getting admitted into law school? Here was my answer: Years ago, certain undergraduate degrees were preferred by law schools. Today, law schools consider all degrees to be equal, with a possible exception for a

What Law School Scholarships are Available?

A person considering law school recently asked: What law school scholarships are available? This person was concerned about her ability to pay the cost of law school. Here was my answer: Of course, you can get law school loans to help defray the cost of law school. That’s how most law students pay for law [...]

Should I Mass Mail My CV to Law Firms?

This video begins by presenting the honest reality about the law school job hunt: you are on your own. No one is going to find the job for you, even your school’s career services office. The video then suggests that you get your resume/CV out to as many law firms as possible. While I agree [...]

Law School Documentary Captures Life as a Law Student

The Trials of Law School is a documentary about the United States law school system. The 2 minute trailer presented here gives a glimpse into the law school experience. The documentary seems to accurately capture what law school is all about. It shows a variety of law students in a variety of life experiences—along with [...]

Should I Go to Law School?

Law school and the practice of law is very different from what TV presents and most people think. Maybe you are wondering whether law school is right for you. This may be one of the most important decisions you will make related to

Talk with Law Students, Pre-Law Students

Lately I’ve received a number of questions about law school. Most of the questions come from high school or college students who are considering law school. For example, people have asked: What is the process to get into law school? Will having a photographic memory help me get into law school? What LSAT score do [...]

Attorney Salaries Fail to Keep Up with Law Student Loan Debt

Legal commentators continue to discuss concerns over the increasing number of law students, the increasing amount of student loan debt, and the harsh reality that most new lawyers don’t make a six figure income. “Poor lawyers” seems like an oxymoron, but many new attorneys will admit

Would Law School Be Good for Me?

I recently had a conversation with someone who was wondering about attending law school, but had some questions and concerns. Others might have similar questions and concerns, so I have paraphrased the person’s questions and answered them here. POTENTIAL LAW STUDENT: If I describe myself to you, could you help me decide whether law school [...]

5 Blogs for Law Students

This article was submitted by a guest author, listed at the end of this article. It’s that time of year again—back to school. Soon, you’ll be up to your nose in coursework, with little or no time for yourself, not to mention the lack of time and money that comes along with your quest for [...]

A Law Student’s Blog Success Story

How does a law student blogger create two of the most popular blogs on the internet? Even though there are blogs on every topic under the sun, relatively few law school blogs exist. Of the law school blogs available, only a handful have the high quality and popularity of Frugal Law Student. The Frugal Law [...]

Law School Admission with Low LSAC Score

Someone recently asked me about how to get admitted into law school with an LSAC score of 148.  The student was an adult in his 40s with strong credentials, but he was concerned about his LSAT score, which is near the low end of scores that law schools will accept today. How to get admitted [...]

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