One aspect of law school that I found most challenging was figuring out the recipe to success as a law student. Most other law students are focused on the same thing, which leads law students in many different directions.

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Law school is great preparation for the practice of law because it forces you to

  • prioritize and eliminate “noise” and distractions in your life
  • focus on consistently proceeding towards goals
  • organize massive amounts of information into concepts and principles (taking a scientific approach to thoughts and ideas)
  • deal with discouragement and doubt from constantly coming up short with your grades (you used to get top grades, but only 1% will see all A’s in law school)
  • dialog with very smart peers, which can be both inspiring (some of them) and annoying (other law students)
  • become flexible at adjusting to the change and evolution while proceeding through the stages of law school

While some of these challenges may not be enjoyable at the time, they will give you experiences and character that you will always value. Law school is challenging enough, so I hope these tips for law students are useful to you.