Law Jobs

This is a collection of the best law job resources for law students, pre-lawyers, and current lawyers. These law job resources include the best job hunt book for attorneys, best attorney job websites, and excellent law career guides.

If you are searching for a law job, the absolute best resource available is this book: Guerrilla Tactics For Getting The Legal Job Of Your Dreams: Regardless of Your Grades, Your School, or Your Work Experience!

If you want to learn more about the various types of legal careers, visit Harvard Law Career Path Guides.

Here are lists of websites that may be useful in your legal job search:

Here is a collection of useful job hunting websites that are not related to law: 70+ Tools For Job Hunting 2.0.

Traditionally, law school graduates pursued jobs as lawyers. Lawyers come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional private practice lawyer who has a job in a law firm to the general counsel who has a job in a corporation.

But beyond the traditional practice of law, today’s economy offers an extended list of legal careers for lawyers.

Lawyers serve as salespeople for companies like WestLaw, Lexis, and Kroll Ontrack that provide services to law firms. Lawyers serve in policy-guiding jobs as researchers or committee administrators in state government and federal government agencies. Some lawyers make a living by helping law firms hire lawyers as recruiters. Lawyers also hold executive jobs in businesses or analyst jobs in financial services companies.

In fact, its not uncommon for CEOs of large corporations to have law degrees. Most of the time, these CEOs do not come from a traditional law practice. Rather, these CEOs obtained law degrees to improve their business management effectiveness.

These are just a few of the many jobs that graduates of law schools may choose as careers.

The first point is that a law student need not feel limited to jobs in the traditional practice of law. The second point is that those who are considering law school can be reassured that they will still have many options even if they don’t decide on having a traditional law job as an attorney in a law firm. Attorneys have a number of options, and attorneys often change paths throughout their careers as opportunities come their way.

Whether you pursue a job in the traditional practice of law, a non-legal job, or some job in between, there are countless varieties of jobs available to someone with a law degree. The resources on this page should assist you in finding a job, whatever type of job you should choose. Best wishes on your law job hunt!