Online Law Schools

Many law school hopefuls wonder about attending online law schools. I hope to answer a number of frequently asked questions here.

Motivations Behind Attending an Online Law School

Some law students want an online law school because they work full time. Others live far away from a law school and would prefer not to move. Others wonder whether they could save money by attending law school online.

Questions about Accreditation of Law Schools Online

One of the biggest questions by law school hopefuls relates to whether online law schools are accredited. This question involves understanding the types of law school accreditation, the important role played by the ABA, and the process of getting licensed as an attorney to practice law in your state.

Which Online Law Schools Are Best?

Finally, if prospective law students intend to seek admission to an online law school, they wonder which online law schools are best. This section will examine various online law schools, providing a profile of each law school, and present factors to consider when considering which online law school is best for you.

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