Law School success is all about intellectual ability. The question is, are you stuck with the intellectual ability you were born with or can you become smarter?

The obvious answer is that you can become smarter. The more you learn, the more knowledge you can build upon. The more you learn, the more your brain improves its capacity to learn. The more you push your brain through mental exercises, the more agile your brain becomes. Studies abound with evidence supporting these premises.

So where do you start? How do you become smarter? It seems easier said than done. Fortunately, one blogger prepared a number of great tips.

There is no quick-fix, easy way to become instantly smarter. It’s a process over time. There is no 3 step formula to increasing your intelligence. But since you must start somewhere, why not start with these thought provoking ideas.

These are great ideas to ponder. Identify which steps would be most valuable for you, and take steps (schedule them on your calendar, etc.) to implement them in your life.

Without further ado, here are 21 Steps to Becoming a Better Learner from the Lawsagna blog:

Orientation Series: 21 Steps to Becoming a Better Learner:
Step 1: Setting your learning objectives
Step 2: Taking an inventory of your skills
Step 3: Taking an Inventory of Your Learning Tools
Step 4: Finding opportunities for cognitive apprenticeship
Step 5: Determining the “IIQ” of what you read
Step 6: Choosing helpful books for law students
Step 7: “The Three ‘P’s of Performance” in Action
Step 8: Tapping into your social networks
Step 9: Identifying your learning barriers
Step 10: Finding your sources of motivation
Step 11: Managing your energy
Step 12: Focusing on how you think
Step 13: Mastering informal learning and professional development
Step 14: Asking Good Questions
Step 15: Condensing your knowledge
Step 16: Memorizing
Step 17: Becoming a reflective learner
Step 18: Establishing rhythms, rituals, and routines

Of course, being smart is only one of the factors that leads to success. Hard work, an environment that offers the resources needed for growth, and creativity are other important factors to success. Here is a good article on how to be more creative.