Best Law School Books

These are the best law school books for law students and cheap places to buy law school books. In particular, here are the best books for new law students, essential books for current law students, the best book for finding a lawyer job in this difficult job market, and cheap online law school book sellers.

Best books for new law students:

  • Law School Confidential – A guide for every step of a student’s law school experience including picking a law school, selecting courses, preparing for exams, dealing with professors and grades, finding a job, and much more
  • Getting to Maybe – A book that teaches law students to think (and ultimately write) like an attorney and teaches how to analyze legal issues on law school exams.

Essential reference books that nearly every law student needs:

Books for law students concerned about getting the best job possible:

Where to buy cheap law school books:

Law school is expensive enough. If you want to save money on buying law school textbooks or coursebooks, buy your law school books online. Be sure to order a few weeks before your law school class starts, since sometimes the mail can be slow.

Here are the best places I’ve found for saving money buying law school books online: