LSAT Practice Tests

This page offers a list of places where you can download free LSAT practice tests and buy LSAT practice tests.

LSAT practice tests are usually reprints of former LSAT tests actually offered to students in a former LSAT exam. LSAT practice tests are great for getting a feel for what is on the LSAT and for doing practice tests to improve your accuracy and speed when preparing for the LSAT.

Free LSAT Practice Tests. There are a number of free LSAT practice tests online. Except for the first two links below, the LSAT practice tests are incomplete or don’t offer explanations for the answers.

LSAT Practice Test Books. Alternatively, you can buy a book full of LSAT practice exams. You might ask, why buy an LSAT practice test book if I can download them for free? First, the books you purchase have complete exams, so you can experience the full exam rather than sampling a few questions. Second, some of the LSAT practice test books have explanations to the answers, explaining why a particular answer was correct.

To start, I recommend downloading the first two free items below. These are actual LSAT exams formerly administered to students. However, they don’t have explanations for the answers. If you want explanations or more full exams, see the LSAT Practice Test Books below.

Whichever you choose, here some useful LSAT practice test resources:

Free LSAT Practice Tests

Here are resources where you can download free LSAT practice tests to print out or view online. These are great if you want a sample of the LSAT. NOTE: If you want a set of practice exams that you can take while preparing for the LSAT, see the next section below (LSAT Practice Test Books).

  1. LSAC: June 2007 LSAT – Official LSAT test
  2. LSAC: October 1996 LSAT – Official LSAT test
  3. LSAC: Sample Questions with Explanations (PDF) – Official LSAT sample test
  4. Kaplan’s LSAT Practice Test – Sample questions with score key and explanations
  5. Local Reasoning Test – A chapter from an LSAT prep book on the Logical Reasoning portion of the LSAT
  6. – Download a PDF with some LSAT sample questions
  7.’s LSAT Practice Test – A PDF with some LSAT sample questions

Aside from items 1 and 2 above, none of the free resources are complete exams that would provide you with a full LSAT practice session. If you want that, you can buy an LSAT practice test book, which includes a number of full exams so, for example, you can plan to take one each weekend as you prepare for the LSAT.

LSAT Practice Test Books

For a reasonable price on, you can buy official LSAT practice test books and unofficial practice exams with explanations.

Official LSAT Practice Exam Books

You can buy the official LSAT practice test books at for a very reasonable price. Unlike the free LSAT prep tests, these books offer full LSAT exams, which are perfect for spending a few weekends before the LSAT to let yourself experience the full LSAT examination. Unfortunately, the official LSAT prep test books do not offer explanations for the answers. Instead, these books just have the questions for actual LSAT exams and a key for the answers at the end. Here are the official LSAT preparation tests on Amazon: Official LSAT PrepTests

Unofficial LSAT Prep Books with Explanations

One thing missing from the official LSAT practice exam books is explanations so you can understand why an answer is correct or incorrect.

Many of these books are still comprised of actual former LSAT tests, so you get the benefit of practicing on an actual LSAT exam along with an explanation for each answer. If you want explanations to better understand why you got some questions wrong, check out these books: LSAT Practice Exams with Explanations