LSAT Prep Books

When preparing for the LSAT, there are three types of books to consider:

  1. Official LSAT Practice Exams
  2. Unofficial LSAT Practice Exams (with explanations)
  3. LSAT Prep Books

Each of these is summarized below, so you can determine which is best for you.

Official LSAT Practice Exam Books

You can buy the official LSAT practice test books at for a very reasonable price. Unlike the free LSAT prep tests, these books offer full LSAT exams, which are perfect for spending a few weekends before the LSAT to let yourself experience the full LSAT examination. Unfortunately, the official LSAT prep test books do not offer explanations for the answers. Instead, these books just have the questions for actual LSAT exams and a key for the answers at the end. Here are the official LSAT preparation tests on Amazon: Official LSAT PrepTests

Unofficial LSAT Practice Exams

One thing missing from the official LSAT practice exam books is explanations so you can understand why an answer is correct or incorrect. If you want an explanation, check out these books: Unofficial LSAT Practice Exams (with explanations)

LSAT Prep Books

There are many LSAT prep books available on the market. I have used Princeton Review’s Cracking the LSAT, which some people really like, Kaplan LSAT Premier, which is my personal favorite, and others.

The Kaplan and Princeton Review books are very similar, but I prefer Kaplan’s approach to the games/puzzles section on the LSAT. I took the full Princeton Review course and, although it was very valuable, I found it was a little too theoretical. Others who took the Princeton Review course and Kaplan review course told me that they preferred the Kaplan approach because it was more practical.

So for LSAT prep books, I recommend the Kaplan LSAT Premier because it has a more practical approach to the games/puzzle section of the LSAT, but both the Kaplan and Princeton Review books are good.