Dono Daré- The Directory of Free Law School Outlines and Study Aids

The directory of free law school outlines and study aids.

These outlines are free for all current law school students.  I claim no pride of authorship as substantial portions of these outlines were written by others.  As always, they should be used with caution since laws change frequently and vary by jurisdiction.

Best of luck in your studies and feel free to email me with questions!

-Ted Finamore
Southwestern University School of Law

Ted’s Law School Outlines

Civil Procedure

(Civil Procedure:  Federal Rules Only)

Civil Procedure Outline

Civil Procedure Flash Cards

Civil Procedure Secret Weapon

The Arsenal

(Jurisdiction:  Federal Rules Only)

Jurisdiction Outline I

Jurisdiction Outline II

Jurisdiction Study Guide

(Pleadings & Discovery Examples)



Request for Admissions

Request for Discovery



How To Qualify an Expert (.wav file)

Community Property

Community Property Outline I

Community Property Outline II

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law Outline

Constitutional Law Class Notes


Contracts Outline

Contracts Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon – Article 2

Corporations, Agency & Partnership

(aka “Business Associations”)

Entity Outline (Covers EVERYTHING)

Corporations Secret Weapon I

Corporations Secret Weapon II

Derivative Action Flow Chart

Criminal Law

Criminal Law Outline I

Criminal Law Outline II

Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure Outline

Criminal Procedure Case Briefs

The Arsenal

Criminal Procedure Flow Chart


(Federal Rules Only)

(Charts are formatted for 11×17 paper)

Evidence Outline I

Evidence Outline II

Evidence Case Briefs

Evidence Class Notes

Hearsay Notes

Chart – Relevance

Chart – Relevancy & Competency

Chart – Fed. R. Evid. 104

Chart – Fed. R. Evid. 401

Chart – Fed. R. Evid. 801

Chart – Fed. R. Evid. 803

Chart – Fed. R. Evid. 804

International IP

International Intellectual Property Outline

Legal Ethics

(aka “Professional Responsibility”)

MPRE Chemerinsky Review

Chart Comparing Model & California Rules


Property Outline I

Property Outline II

Property Outline III

Flash Cards – Real Property

Flash Cards – Personal Property

Water Law

Landlord-Tenant Problems

Priorities and Recording Statutes

Future Interests Online Quiz

Real Estate Transactions

Property Sale Contract


Remedies Outline I

Remedies Outline II

Understanding Remedies Outline


Survey of Federal Income Tax Outline


Torts Outline

Torts Secret Weapon

Trial Advocacy

Motion in Limine

White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime Outline I

White Collar Crime Outline II

Federal Crimes

Wills and Trusts

Wills Outline

Trusts Outline

The Rule Against Perpetuities Online Quiz

More Free Law School Outlines


·         Arizona State University Christian Legal Society [2002] – Includes debtor-creditor and bankruptcy law.

·         Arizona State University Federalist Society Outline Bank [2001] – I like their criminal procedure outlines.


·         Lincoln Law School of Sacramento SBA [Current]

·         Loyola Law School, Los Angeles [Current] – This links to the Spring, 2006 resources.  Just poke around, their professors post a lot of good stuff.

·         Santa Clara University School of Law [Current] – Community Property and Wills/Trusts outlines courtesy of Father Paul Goda.

·         Santa Clara University School of Law [2001] – John Thompson’s outlines.  Content rich site.

·         Southwestern University School of Law [2005] – Ted Finamore’s Law School outlines.

·         University of California, Berkeley [Current] – Excellent California law outlines.  This site is well worth bookmarking.

·         University of California, Hastings [Current] – Outlines courtesy of ASUCH. 

·         University of California, Davis [1998] – Haeji Hong’s outlines.

·         University of California, Davis Law Students Association [Current]

·         University of California, Los Angeles [2003] – Tim Whalen’s outlines are terrific, especially if you are studying California law.  Great organization.

·         University of California, Los Angeles Black Law Students Association [2003]

·         University of San Diego School of Law [1997] – Roger Martin’s Free Study Materials.  Trusted source for well written case briefs, outlines, and quizzes.

·         University of San Francisco [2005] – Garret Wilson’s law school outlines.

·         University of San Francisco Student Bar Association [Current]

·         University of Southern California [Current] – Courtesy of The Middle Eastern-South Asian Law Association (MESALA). Julie Ann Wilkinson’s stuff is great.

·         Western State University School of Law  [2004] – Charles S. Russell’s outlines.  Brief and to the point.  Author graduated #1 in his class.


·         Dalhousie Law School – Canadian law outlines of David Fraser.

District of Columbia

·         George Washington University Hispanic Law Students Association [2001] – Comprehensive torts and K’s outlines.

·         Georgetown Law SBA [2001] – If you’re studying UCC, they have some good outlines.


·         Nova Southeastern Law Legalpad [Current] – Lots of outlines for a wide range of classes.

·         University of Miami School of Law [Current]


·         Emory Law Crim Pro [Current] – Extensive resources and professionally designed web site.  Quizzes, notes, etc. based on Miller & Wright text.

·         Georgia State University Law School [2005] – Natalie Green’s site is particularly well designed with many extras.


·         University of Idaho [1999] – Outlines courtesy of Phi Delta Phi.


C University of Chicago Black Law Students Association [Current] – Their professors write our textbooks! By far, the best outlines on the web.

·         University of Illinois [Current] – Prof. Amitai Aviram’s class resources.  Business associations, anti-trust, and related classes.


·         University of Kentucky Exam Bank – If you’re looking for old exams, this is the place.


·         Loyola University of New Orleans Entrepreneurial Law Society [Current] – Funky web site design, but lots of outlines.

·         Loyola University of New Orleans Student Bar Association [Current] – Wow, lots of offbeat course names like “Law of the European Union.”  Cool.


·         University of Maine School of Law [1998] – Admiralty, patent law, land transactions, and others.  Courtesy of Chuck Seyboldt.


·         University of Maryland Student Bar Association


·         Harvard University School of  Law Problems, Cases, and Materials on Evidence

·         Massachusetts School of Law  [2003] –  Brian P. Thibodeau’s Law School outlines.

·         Northeastern University School of Law [Current] – Not fancy, but tons of outlines. Uploads accepted.

·         Northeastern University School of Law [2005] –  – Mario M. Choi’s outlines.

·         Western New England College – School of Law [2000] – Shane Daly’s outlines.


·         Michigan State University Student Bar Association [Current] – Well designed site which is updated frequently.

·         Michigan State University [2006] – Elijah Milne’s MSU law school outlines in pdf format.  Lots of interesting links, including various religions.

·         University of Michigan Res Gestae [2001] – Amy Harwell’s outlines are GREAT.  I would never have graduated without them!


·         University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Law [Current] – Prof. Nancy Levit’s class links, including torts and “gender and justice”.

·         Washington University St. Louis [Current] – Includes advanced courses, such as white collar crime, immigration, and insurance.


·         University of Montana School of Law [Current]

New Jersey

·         Rutgers Phi Delta Phi [2003]

New York

·         Columbia University Black Law Students Association [2002] – The con law outline is great.  (Hey, it’s Columbia.  They probably understand this stuff.)

·         Cornell Law Unofficial Outline Bank [2003] – Wow! It’s hard to think of a course that’s not included here. 

·         Fordham University [Current] – Site of Deborah W. Denno, dream professor.  Her materials ROCK. If you’re studying what she’s teaching, you’re in luck!

·         New York University School of Law – Student Bar Association [Current] – Wide range of outlines, many of which focus on New York law.

·         St. John’s University [Current] – Tons of outlines.  Good source for New York law.

North Carolina

·         University of North Carolina School of Law [1993] – Will Snyder’s 1L outlines in ASCII and WordPerfect formats.

·         Wake Forest Law School [Current] – Wake Law Information Exchange! Innovative site uses interactive “wiki” format.   


·         Ohio State University [2005] – Mike Shecket’s notes, outlines, and links.


·         Pitt JURIST [2002] – A compilation of resources from various schools.

·         Pitt Law Women’s Association [Current] – I really like this site.  Lot’s of good outlines and case briefs.

·         Widener University School of Law [2003] – Courtesy of George A. Bibikos.  Includes outlines, Pennsylvania bar outlines, exams, tips, and more.


·         Baylor Law School – Britta’s law school outlines.  Not current, but some good outlines here, including canons of statutory construction.

·         South Texas College of Law – Student Bar Association [Current] – Includes oil & gas and sports law outlines.

·         Texas Tech Legal Computer Society [2001]

·         University of Houston [2005] – Robert’s UH Law Outlines.  190mb of outlines.  Wow.  Download in zip files by subject.  I like the CrimPro flowcharts.

·         University of Houston [2005] – Outlines, notes, study advice, and everything you might want to know about UH.  Courtesy of Daragh Carter & Reagan Sahadi.

·         University of Texas-Austin [1999] – Damien’s Law School Outlines


·         George Mason University School of Law [2005] – Jerry Brito’s class notes and outlines.

·         Washington & Lee [2002] – Outlines provided by Phi Alpha Delta.

Washington State

·         Gonzaga Student Bar Association [Current] – These folks make some incredible study aids.


·         University of Wisconsin Law School SBA [Current]


·         University of Wyoming IP Club [Current] – Wide array of outlines in pdf and doc format.  Lamar Jost’s CivPro outline is great!

Free Tests, Tutorials, and Other Study Aids

·         Criminal Law – This site covers the highlights of criminal law. Designed for 1L’s.

·         Future Interests Online Quiz

·         Internet Legal Resource Guide

·         LawNerds – teaches exam writing skills to first year law students and pre-law students.

·         Law School Help– A MUST for 1L’s. Detailed instruction on contracts, torts, civil procedure, legal research, and remedies.

·         Law Student Resources – A general compendium of resources for law students, including class outlines.

·         Lexis-Nexis Study Aids – Textbook updates are available here.  Capsule Summaries of major topics are like mini-horn books.  Very useful!

·         Rules of Evidence – Norm Garland – Nine step hearsay analysis and quiz with answers.   A MUST for those studying the hearsay rule.

·         Simplifying Criminal Law for 1Ls – Overview of criminal law concepts.

·         Susan Masarweh’s Student Resource Website [Current] – Links to many useful resources.

·         The Rule Against Perpetuities – I had no clue until I tried this interactive quiz.  Not fancy, but it REALLY helps us slow learners.

·         Tom W. Bell’s Teaching Materials [Current] – Law professor who posts much of his materials.  Good stuff for a variety of classes, especially contracts.

·         Top Law Student – Law school blog with many useful links.

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This page and the outlines linked from it were provided to by Ted Finamore. Thanks Ted Finamore for granting permission to host his law school outlines here.