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What I Learned at Law School This Year

Here are a few lessons I learned this year as a 3L in law school: For closed book exams, using law school practice exams was very, very valuable because it improved my ability to think through the issues and identified areas I needed to study more. When learning the law, commercial law school outlines were [...]

Law School Exam Advice

Looking for more law school exam advice? Check on this nice list at CALI’s Pre-Law Blog. Also, you may want to prepare for finals by practicing with free law school exams or law school outlines. During finals, I’ll be taking a break from writing here. See you on the other side! Good luck on your [...]

Advice for Dealing with Law School Debt

Are you worried about your law school debt? This advice will help:

How Law Students Use Podcasts to Get Ahead

In law school, time is tight. So many law students find listening to podcasts are an enjoyable and relaxed way to reinforce what they are learning — or learn a new topic. Here is an introduction to podcasts followed by some links to podcasts of interest to law students, and finally, some podcast tips.

Tips for Law School Exam Preparation

Law school final exams are almost upon us. Here is a collection of tips you can use to increase your exam performance: How to Prepare for Law School Exams.

How to Prepare a Law School Exam Schedule

There is often so much to do before exams. The crunch causes many students to focus too much on some subjects to the neglect of others. Many students find it helpful to make a schedule right now of their exam preparation plans. That way, as they get closer to exams, they stay on track. An [...]

Tips for Studying to Music in Law School

For students who like to listen to music while studying, here are some tips for better iTunes listening, free online music, and great new websites that introduce you to new music you will love.

Law School Practice Exams for Law Students

Final exams are almost here. It’s the perfect time to do some practice exams. Practice exams are great preparation to ensure that you are ready for the real thing. The best exams are from the professor teaching your course. But maybe your professor doesn’t have any practice exams. Or, maybe you have already done them. [...]

How to Search Only Law School Websites

CALI’s Prelaw Blog announced that CALI created a webpage that uses Google to search all 188 ABA law schools. That is, you can do a search that only scans the law schools’ websites. This might be a useful little tool when searching for friends, practice exams, law review articles, and resources on law school websites. [...]

How to Resize Pictures Easily

Gone are the days when you need special software to resize your photos or graphic files. Now you can do it easily with this simple online website: How It Works It’s simple: Pick any image on your hard drive, select the size you want it, and presto! Out pops your image in the new [...]

How to Open Files Saved in the Wrong Format

It’s annoying to have a file in a format that your software can’t read. For example, someone sent you a WordPerfect file and you want to convert it to Microsoft Word format. How do you open the file if you don’t have WordPerfect? Whether your problem is a document, audio, video, graphic, spreadsheets, or some [...]

Web 2.0 for Law Students

Traditionally, the practice of law is slow to adopt technology. Maybe attorneys are too busy to learn about new technology. Maybe they are extra cautious because mistakes could lead to catastrophies for their clients. But whatever the reason, it hasn’t held back today’s law students. Today’s law students are far more comfortable with technology. Law [...]

Can Law Students Use MySpace Effectively?

Should young professionals have a MySpace page? Not long ago, I recommended that law students delete their MySpace page. But I recently read on MyShingle and LexBlog about Anicia M. Ogonosky (pictured left), a young lawyer who uses her myspace page to market herself. My strongest criticism with law student MySpace pages was with the [...]

Law School Exams

This is a list of practice exams for law students. These are great preparation for midterm exams or final exams. Most are provided by law schools. You may also want to consider Examples & Explanations, Friedman’s Practice Exam Series, or Law School Flashcards. Arkansas Bar Exams Capital University Creighton University Harvard Pence Law Library Ohio [...]

How Busy Students Can Easily Schedule Study Groups

I recently read on 43 Folders about a simple web service called Doodle that allows you to e-mail students about times they can meet and then displays a simple schedule with times everyone can attend. This would be great for study groups, socials, student group committee meetings, and more. This is part of a series [...]


Here are some of the best law school, law student, and lawyer resources I have found on the web. Each of these pages includes a list of websites of interest to law students, lawyers, or others interested in law: Law School Blogs Law School Podcasts Law School Resources Pre-Law Lawyer Blogs In 2006 I wrote [...]

This Law Student has Great Tips

I’m always on the lookout for blogs with tips and advice for law students. Today I noticed the Legal Andrew blog linking to a TopLawStudent article. The Legal Andrew blog has a number of great articles for other law students: Top 11: Ways to Be Productive in Class During Your Third Year of Law School [...]

How to Backup Your Documents Online for Free

Most law students know that losing their notes from a computer crash in the middle of a semester can be devastating. Fortunately, backing up your notes and documents is now easier than ever. I recently tried two free online backup services. They were great: is currently was my favorite. It offers 5 gigabytes of [...]

Print on Your Home Printer From School

This free little program allows you to print to your printer at home while you are at school: To find out how it works, read How it Works. This is great if you want to print something while as school because you can print something at the moment you think of it so you [...]

Judicial Clerkships Ranked by Prestige

Are you considering a judicial clerkship and wonder which courts are considered most prestigious? I’ve talked with attorneys at large firms, court clerks, and professors. Below is the result of my small (unscientific) survey listing the most prestigious first. Judicial Clerkships Ranked by Prestige 1. U.S. Supreme Court 2. Circuit Court of Appeals 3. Federal [...]

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