Exercise in Law School: Tips and Tricks

When you enter law school, your health can  fall by the wayside as you spend 14 hours a day sitting in class and studying in a chair. Most law students struggle to find time to exercise.

Many law students and attorneys are discovering the health benefits of exercise while they read or work on a computer. For example, some law students read on a stationary bike.


It is also surprisingly easy to work on a computer  using a treadmill desk. It’s amazing how a steady pace of 2-3 m.p.h. does not interfere with using a computer. Two to three hours can pass effortlessly, while burning hundreds of calories and giving your body a daily workout.

This is the treadmill desk I use (the 2013 model):

You can get the benefits of exercise without taking any time from law school studies.

Don’t let your health suffer in law school. While others are gaining weight and feeling sluggish, you can keep your energy high and feeling great.