Here are some of the best law school, law student, and lawyer resources I have found on the web.这里是一些最好的法学院,法律系学生,律师资源,我发现在网站上。

Each of these pages includes a list of websites of interest to law students, lawyers, or others interested in law:每个页面包括一个网站清单有兴趣的法律系学生,律师,或其他有兴趣的在法律上:

In 2006 I wrote the following information about Web 2.0 and its impact on law students.在2006年,我写的以下信息的Web 2.0及其对法律系的学生。 Since this information was written, what was known as “web 2.0″ technology has become so pervasive on websites, that it is seen as mainstream.由于这是书面资料,什么被称为“ Web 2.0的”技术已成为普遍的,所以在网站上,它被看作是主流。 So if you decide to read the information below, please keep this in mind.因此,如果你决定要阅读下面的信息,请记住这一点。

Web 2.0 for Law School and Law Web 2.0的为法学院和法律

These days there is a lot of excitement over simple, new websites that serve as useful tools rather than just display information.这些天来有很大的兴奋超过简单,新的网站,充当有用的工具,而非只是显示的信息。 “Web 2.0″ is a term for these websites, suggesting that this new technology is the second phase of the world wide web. “的Web 2.0 ”一词为这些网站,这表明这项新技术是第二阶段的万维网。

Examples 例子
You’ve certainly heard of many of the popular Web 2.0 websites (see this list , this list , or this interactive list ) But many smaller, new Web 2.0 websites are being launched.您一定听说过许多受欢迎的Web 2.0的网站(见这份名单这份名单 ,或这种互动名单 ) ,但许多较小的,新的Web 2.0网站正在发起。

Law Students 法律系学生
To read about various Web 2.0 websites that may interest law students, visit TopLawStudent’s Web & Technology articles .阅读各种Web 2.0的网站可能感兴趣的法律系学生,请访问toplawstudent的网络技术的文章 。

Lawyers 律师
This article discusses the impact of Web 2.0 on improvements in the practice of law: Does Web 2.0 Point Us Toward Law 2.0?本文讨论的影响的Web 2.0就改善在实践中的法律: 是否Web 2.0的一点,我们对法律的2.0呢?
Others . 其他
This Solution Watch article lists Web 2.0 sites for students and teachers.这个解决方案观赏本文列出的Web 2.0网站,为学生和教师。

If you are interested in general Web 2.0 websites, visit these lists of such websites:如果您有兴趣在一般的Web 2.0网站,访问这些名单,这些网站:

Finally, this attorney has nationally syndicated articles discussing websites of interest to attorneys: Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites最后,这律政司已在国内银团的文章讨论的网站感兴趣的律师: 罗伯特ambrogi的lawsites