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Law School Graduate Auctions His Law Degree

This article has been removed due to concern over its accuracy.

Concord Online Law School

Is Concord Law School a good law school? Is Concord Law School a good option among online law schools? Is Concord Law School approved/accredited by the ABA? These questions and more are answered here.

Online Law Schools: Benefits and Disadvantages

There is a growing interest in online law schools, so I’m going to write some articles to guide people considering attending a correspondence law school online. Fortunately, law school today provides a number of options.

Lawyer Blogs

The list below represents some of the best blogs and websites related to law, attorneys, and legal issues. The first couple sites are publications for lawyers. The rest are blogs by lawyers. Law Sites: Law Practice Today Legal Technology Lawyer Blogs Adam’s Drafting Between Lawyers Blawg Review Build A Solo Practice Counsel to Counsel Dennis [...]

Pre-Law Websites

If you are a pre-law student, preparing to enter law school, here are a few sites that may interest you: CALI Pre-Law Blog Law Critic Law School Admissions Video Blog Law School Forum Law School Online

Law School Resources

These are a number of useful law school resources here that may interest law students. Bar Exam Links Law School Forum Law School Outlines Law School Practice Exams Law Student Dictionaries The Best Law School Books Online Law Schools Here are a few other sites with noteworthy content for law students: CALI Findlaw for Students [...]

Law School Podcasts

Here are law school podcasts for law students: CALI Radio Life of a Law Student If you know of any other podcasts for law students, please leave a comment with a link or other information below.

Law School Blogs

These are blogs started by law students or for law students. They at least discuss law school to some extent. No634 – U of M Law School Student Accidental Law Student Baby Barista (British) Blawg Wisdom BoleyBlogs! CALIopolis Concurring Opinions Diary of a Law Student divine angst Frugal Law Student JD 2 B Jeremy Blachman [...]

Law Schools & Law Students in the News

The holidays are almost here! Many of you are already done with finals. It’s time to relax, sit back, and enjoy the break. You’ve worked hard; you earned it. Brain-Free Reading As you kick into relaxation mode, here are some news stories that don’t require any thinking. While you were preparing for finals and in [...]

Law School Exam Preparation

Law school exams are upon us. It’s time to make an exam schedule, do some law school practice exams, make your outlines, and possibly review other law outlines. You may also be interested in these law school exam tips previously published on Law Student, and in particular, this list of law school exam tips.

Best Law Student Blogs Contest

The ABA Journal is taking votes on which law blog is the best in the country. Part of the contest includes law student blogs. The fact that Law Student wasn’t named in the contest continues to shock law students around the globe. This fact also raises questions about the credibility of the entire contest. But [...]

Most Law Graduates Dissappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress

There seems to be a growing problem among law school graduates and new attorneys. They can’t find law jobs, the jobs they find don’t pay enough to repay law school loans, and the jobs require unhealthy amounts of hours doing the type of work that many lawyers find unsatisfying, or worse. The number of law [...]

18 Year Old Passes California Bar Exam

Here is a fun news tidbit. Kathleen Holtz is 18 years old and passed the California Bar Exam, according to the Wall Street Journal. Holtz started college at California State University, Los Angeles, when she was only 10 years old. At age 15, she

48 Ways To Get a Law Job

Legal Andrew presents 48 practical tips to find the perfect job. The article isn’t focused on law jobs per se, but Legal Andrew’s advice is still very useful for law students and the aspiring lawyer. For more help finding a job as a law student or lawyer, visit the Law Student Jobs section of this [...]

How to Buy Law School Books Cheap

You want to save money buying law school books? I’ve searched the internet and talked to countless friends to find the best ways to buy law school books for cheap without compromising value. Here is what I found.

Two Great Law Student Blogs

A while back, I asked why some law students decided to start a blog.* Two law students posted excellent answers to the question. Part-time Law Mom wrote her answer here. She explained: I had spent months combing law student blogs trying to find blogs by part-time law student mothers with kids. The only great blog [...]

How to Cheat in Law School

I’m considering posting a list of ways to cheat in law school, and would appreciate your feedback on whether this would be a good idea. During law school, you often hear rumors about cheating. It’s only natural to think about how law students cheat. What methods did they use? I’ve talked with law school friends

Loan Forgiveness for Public Interest Lawyers

Here is some great news for law students and law school graduates entering public interest law jobs (government, non-profit, etc.). This includes public defenders, city prosecutors, federal government lawyers, attorneys at non-profit and charity organizations, and a variety of similarly situated law school graduates. In short, this new law will provide law school loan repayment [...]

Law School has Law Student Blog Directory

Regent University School of Law has a web page listing its law students’ blogs. This was the first time I had seen a law school that published a list of blogs run by its law students. Does your law school have a blog directory listing law students’ blogs? If so, please leave a comment here [...]

How Much Do Solo Practice Lawyers Earn?

When Law Student posted How Much are New Lawyers’ Salaries?, the author of the Build A Solo Practice blog pointed out that the chart failed to present salary statistics for solo practitioners (attorneys practicing on their own rather than part of a multi-lawyer firm). She then linked to this informative post explaining how much solo [...]

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