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Is a High Paying Lawyer Job Still Possible?

Those who are considering law school may have heard the recent conversation in the legal community about how there are too many law students, too few attorney jobs, and the pay is much lower than many law students expected.

Does that mean there are no dream jobs left? No.  Rather, there are just less of them.

The lesson for potential law students is this: go to law school if you believe you will enjoy [click to continue…]


Law School Graduate Works in Coffee Shop

You have probably heard about the difficulty law school graduates face in finding jobs today.

In this video, CNN’s Tony Harris speaks to a law school graduate struggling to find a full-time law job and repay her law school loans.

She earns $7.50 per hour at a coffee shop and $12 per hour part-time at a law firm.
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Are You Sure You Want to Go to Law School?

Here is a humorous video raising some interesting questions about the motives for going to law school and the reality of the attorney job market today.
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How Does a Law Internship Help?

There’s no doubt that law school is a tough proposition for even the brightest of minds; but what’s even tougher is the real world. When you graduate, the legal practice is waiting [click to continue…]

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The emergence of legal advice sites is one of the latest trends in the legal industry. For example, I offer Ask a Minnesota Lawyer. This article explains this new online service to the public and discusses how it may affect law students and attorneys.

The legal industry has seen a number of trends in recent years including a shift towards a paperless office, a move away from hourly billing towards more flat fee billing, and an increase in Internet advertising for legal services. For the past few years, a number of question and answer websites have arisen on the Internet including Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, etc.

Legal Advice Sites

Now similar sites are offering legal advice. For example, consider [click to continue…]


Is there such a thing as a happy law school student? Is it even possible to have happy and law school in the same sentence? Well, yes it is, especially when it comes to costs.

It’s clear that the decision’s already been made to attend law school and that those sleepless nights are bound to happen, but living frugally and being happy about it is doable for the next two to three years that one beats their head against their books. How? Consider it elementary.

Here is a list of law student do’s and dont’s for living frugally: [click to continue…]


Throughout life there are certain tests that are critical to your career path. These include the LSAT and bar exam for law students, the GMAC for business students, and the MCAT for medical students.

The outcome of these exams often determines whether you are eligible for a particular career track and able to get into the schools you want. The test score may have an impact on your finances worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over your life. So preparing for these exams is critical.

Here are a few tips that I have learned can be helpful for these monumental exams. Although these tips may be useful for small tests, the ideas suggested here may be overkill for small exam situations.

Test preparation starts months before the big exam. [click to continue…]


Is Law School a Bad Idea?

Most people, including lawyers, believe that law school is an excellent investment in yourself, regardless of whether you eventually practice law or use your legal education in another career. Of course, you must balance the cost (time and money) of law school with the benefits.

But the rising costs of law school tuition and the decreasing average salaries for attorneys are causing many to question [click to continue…]


Law School Personal Statement Tips

This is a great video providing tips to those who are applying to law school. The video covers the importance of a “personal statement,” which is an essay attached to a law school application and why law schools require a personal statement.

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I don’t recommend hiring a law school admissions consultant, but this admissions consultant does seem to have a good understanding of [click to continue…]

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Law Student Gets Owned by a Judge

This video is purely for entertainment purposes, or perhaps, as a lesson in how NOT to treat a judge.

Most law students know they should never interrupt a judge. It should be even more obvious that you don’t interrupt by saying, “That’s your opinion.”

In defense of the law student, arguing with a judge is probably much more tempting in an entertainment forum like Judge Milian’s television studio in The People’s Court. Judge Marilyn Milian previously served as a Florida state circuit court judge.

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Law Student’s Volunteering Frees Inmate

Most law schools have opportunities for law students to work on actual legal matters. This “real legal work” may be through local nonprofit organizations, working with professors, or volunteering in pro bono legal agencies.

Here is one example of how a law student’s work made a difference.

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[click to continue…]


What is Law School Like?

What is law school like for a law student? The law students in this video describe their experiences.

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Easy Legal Billing Overview | Software for Attorneys

Occasionally I try out new law firm software in hopes of finding one I actually like. Most law firm software is viewed as a necessary evil: old, cumbersome, and frustrating. This is a review of Easy Legal Billing.

What is Easy Legal Billing?

Easy Legal Billing is 100% web-based software that allows for usage on any internet-connected computer. Easy Legal Billing is a web-based legal invoicing platform that allows for [click to continue…]


Clio Review – Clio Law Firm Software Online

November 2013 Clio Review

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Below is a review of Clio updated in November, 2012, followed by an old review from 2009. The 2009 Clio review has become obsolete due to substantial improvements since 2009.

2012 Clio Review

My first experience with Clio in 2009 led me to conclude that Clio was not ready for our firm, and I suspect that many other attorneys had similar conclusions. But that has changed.

I have used Clio for over a year and now consider Clio to be a fantastic option for small law firms and solo attorneys.

Five attorneys and a paralegal in our firm tested Clio in a comprehensive way for over a year. We have been exceedingly impressed by how robust it is and yet Clio remains simple to use.

In short, I think Clio is an outstanding option for small law firms or solo attorneys. Despite my earlier recommendation against Clio, I think Clio now has exactly what small law firms need to provide case management for their practice with all the important features and an efficient, simple, time-saving user interface that eliminates [click to continue…]


Finding Balance Before the Bar Exam

Leora Maccabee is one of many law school graduates preparing for the bar exam. She offers some good advice on finding balance in the chaos and stress leading up to the bar exam: Bar exam studies under way? Tips from someone in your shoes.

For blogs written by students preparing for the bar exam (or who previously took the bar), go here: Law Student Bar Exam Blogs.


Common Law School Exam Mistakes

The law school professor in this video presents the most common problems in law school exams. He provides a nice overview of exam mistakes and how to improve law school exam performance.

These tips are especially helpful for first year law students (1Ls) who are wondering how a long school exam is different from undergraduate tests.

For experienced law students, this video is a good refresher right before a law exam.

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Some of these mistakes are obvious, but this professor does a nice job of reviewing common errors that can befall law students. Professor David Steinberg is a law professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

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9 Tips for Summer Associates

Congratulations to law students who have a summer job at a law firm. Summer associate positions are offered by law firms to try out law students and determine if the law student would make a good lawyer in the firm.

Summer associates often wonder if they should do something to “stand out” from the other summer associates to get noticed by partners. The best way to “stand out” is to work hard and do good work, which normally means good research and writing. A pleasant personality is the goal, not leaning too far into the introvert or extrovert direction. [click to continue…]


According to a survey by Kaplan, 40 percent of pre-law students say the current economic crisis is motivating their decision to apply to law school.

Registration for free Kaplan LSAT practice exams spiked more than 20 percent as students and professionals explored law school as a safe haven option.

The survey also noted that among aspiring lawyers, political aspirations still run much higher for men.

Read more from the Kaplan press release: [click to continue…]


The art of writing a personal statement for law schools that will both get their attention and get you accepted has been polished over many years.  Here are some pointers that may help.

When it comes time to write your personal statement don’t go crazy and try to be the next F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Likely you will get no points for length or originality; it is content that matters.  Trying to do something out of the box may only lead to admission representatives misinterpreting your meaning, and that’s the last thing you would want to happen.

Do your homework.

Cliché I know, but if you are fortunate enough to get into law school this will become your own personal mantra.  So why not get started early and [click to continue…]

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10 Tips from First Year Law Students – 1L Tips

Here are 10 tips from first year law students.

The tips are based on the mistakes they made during their first year of law school and things they did that worked especially well. The tips are helpful, and some are a bit humorous. The video is less than 8 minutes long.

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Is Law School Grading Arbitrary?

In this video, law professors discuss the challenges of grading. One law professor presents a disturbing viewpoint: law school grading is somewhat arbitrary because grading is so subjective. What do you think?

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I agree that law school grading is not precise—and some law school professors are worse than others.

For most law professors, it is hard to differentiate between [click to continue…]


Law School Gunners – How Not to Be a Gunner

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If you’re in law school, you probably know what a “gunner” is. In short, it’s a person who frequently raises their hand to talk in class.

Gunners seem like they just want to hear themselves talk. They seem to want to impress [click to continue…]