Tips and Resources to be a Happy, Successful Law Student

A good list of tips or advice for law students is hard to find, even on the internet. Job Profiles published this list of 100 Tips and Resources to be a Happy, Successful Lawyer. These tips and resources are a great, especially for some easy summer reading before law school starts again for the school year.

The tips excerpted below are from the tips for law school students and new lawyers. However, check out the entire list if you are interested in a number of good tips for lawyers and life as an attorney.

  1. LSAC: College students and law school students who are starting to plan their legal careers need to go over the resources on this official site.
  2. About Law School: The Princeton Review: Get an overview of what to expect in law school, from applications to the first year experience to picking a specialization to legal clinics.
  3. There’s No Competition in Law School: A group of 3Ls shares advice for younger law students while also doling out the real-life misery and fun of being a law school vet.
  4. Tips for Summer Associates: Lydia R.B. Kelley stresses the importance of knowing deadlines for summer associates.
  5. JD Law Students Blog: Various law students “share their thoughts and experiences” for the benefit of other students and future law students.
  6. Links for New Lawyers: Get survival tips and help choosing a firm with this guide.
  7. Marketing and Networking: A Conceptual Framework: New lawyers get a crash course in networking and promoting themselves and their practice in this article.
  8. Five Indispensable Tips for Law Students and New Lawyers: The Legal Underground shares tips like “learn to use legal technology” and “don’t be an asshole” to give new lawyers’ careers a boost.
  9. Firm Attorneys Offer Tips for Summer Associates: The Virginia law school site posts this article that will help summer associates land a job at the firm.
  10. 10 Survival Tips for New Associates: Tips like “don’t be afraid to be a new associate,” “know the rules,” and “stay in touch with friends” will help new associates adjust to their new life.