This is a collection of the best law job resources for law students, pre-lawyers, and current lawyers.这是一个收集最好的法律工作的资源为法律学生,前律师,和目前的律师。 These law job resources include the best job hunt book for attorneys, best attorney job websites, and excellent law career guides.这些法律的就业资源,包括最佳就业亨特本书的律师,最好的律政司的工作网站,和优秀的法律职业生涯的指南。

If you are searching for a law job, the absolute best resource available is this book: Guerrilla Tactics For Getting The Legal Job Of Your Dreams: Regardless of Your Grades, Your School, or Your Work Experience!如果您正在寻找一个法律工作,绝对最好的资源可用,是本书: 游击战术获得法律的工作,你的梦想:无论您的等级,您的学校,或您的工作经验!

If you want to learn more about the various types of legal careers, visit Harvard Law Career Path Guides.如果您想了解更多有关的各类法律职业,请访问哈佛法学院的职业道路指南。

Here are lists of websites that may be useful in your legal job search:这里列出的网站,可能是有用的在您的法律求职:

  • Job Listing Websites 就业上市的网站
  • Attorney Search Firms 律政司搜索公司
  • Temp Agencies for Attorneys 气温机构的律师
  • Professional Associations & Bar Associations 专业协会与律师协会
  • Financial Industry Employers 金融业的雇主
  • Judicial Clerkship Sites 司法见习网站
  • Law Fellowships 国际法研究金
  • Public Interest Law Jobs 公共利益法工作
  • Consulting Firms 咨询公司
  • International Law Jobs 国际法律工作

Here is a collection of useful job hunting websites that are not related to law: 70+ Tools For Job Hunting 2.0.这里是一个收集有用的求职网站是不相关的法律: 70 +工具求职2.0 。

Traditionally, law school graduates pursued jobs as lawyers.传统上,法学院的毕业生追求的职位担任律师。 Lawyers come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional private practice lawyer who has a job in a law firm to the general counsel who has a job in a corporation.律师来在所有形状和大小,从传统的私人执业律师,谁有工作,在一家律师事务所向一般律师谁有工作在一间公司。

But beyond the traditional practice of law, today’s economy offers an extended list of legal careers for lawyers.但是,超越了传统法律的做法,今天的经济提供了一个扩展的名单法律职业为律师。

Lawyers serve as salespeople for companies like WestLaw, Lexis, and Kroll Ontrack that provide services to law firms.律师充当推销员的公司一样, westlaw ,词汇,和克罗尔ontrack提供服务的律师事务所。 Lawyers serve in policy-guiding jobs as researchers or committee administrators in state government and federal government agencies.律师服务,在政策指导工作委员会的研究人员或管理员在州政府和联邦政府机构。 Some lawyers make a living by helping law firms hire lawyers as recruiters.有些律师作出的生活,帮助律师事务所聘请律师作为招聘人员。 Lawyers also hold executive jobs in businesses or analyst jobs in financial services companies.律师也持长官职位在企业或分析师职位,在金融服务公司。

In fact, its not uncommon for CEOs of large corporations to have law degrees.事实上,它并不鲜见的CEO大公司有法律学位课程。 Most of the time, these CEOs do not come from a traditional law practice.大部分的时间,这些地球观测卫星委员会并不来自传统法律的做法。 Rather, these CEOs obtained law degrees to improve their business management effectiveness.相反,这些地球观测卫星委员会获得法律学位课程,以提高他们的业务管理的有效性。

These are just a few of the many jobs that graduates of law schools may choose as careers.这些都只是少数的许多职位的毕业生,学校可依法选择职业。

The first point is that a law student need not feel limited to jobs in the traditional practice of law.第一点是一个法律系学生不必觉得有限的就业机会,在传统的法律的做法。 The second point is that those who are considering law school can be reassured that they will still have many options even if they don’t decide on having a traditional law job as an attorney in a law firm.第二点是,那些谁正考虑法学院可以放心,他们会仍然有很多选择,即使他们没有决定对具有传统法律工作的律师在一家律师事务所。 Attorneys have a number of options, and attorneys often change paths throughout their careers as opportunities come their way.律师有多项选择,和律师经常改变路径,在其整个职业发展的机会,来作为他们的方式。

Whether you pursue a job in the traditional practice of law, a non-legal job, or some job in between, there are countless varieties of jobs available to someone with a law degree.无论你追求的工作的传统做法,法律,非法律工作,或一些工作在此期间,有无数品种的就业机会提供给某人与法律学位。 The resources on this page should assist you in finding a job, whatever type of job you should choose.资源在此页中应协助你在找工作,无论是选择哪种工作,您应选择。 Best wishes on your law job hunt!最良好的祝愿您的法律工作亨特!