Law School Challenges, What are Yours? 法学院的挑战,什么是你的?

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As a law student, what is the most challenging aspect of law school for you?作为一个法律系学生,什么是最有挑战性的方面,法学院最适合你? What makes life during law school difficult?什么使生活在法学院的困难呢?

Is it that you have no time, you have little money, the competition in law school is stressful, relationships are difficult during law school, attorney job hunting is competitive, or the constant criticism in law school becomes too much to bear?是不是你有没有时间,你有一点钱,竞争,在法律上学校是没有压力的关系,是很难在法学院,律政司是求职的竞争力,或不断的批评,在法律上学校成为太大的负担呢? Here is a list.这里是一个名单。 Which one has been your biggest challenge? Read the rest of this Law Student article »其中已被你所面临的最大挑战? 阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

How to Do Legal Research at the Law Library 如何做法律研究,在法律图书馆

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One of the secrets to success in law school is knowing where to find an answer, and find it quickly.其中的秘密,成功的在法学院是知道在哪里可以找到一个答案,并找到它很快。 Lawyers aren’t expected to know the answer to every legal question, but they are expected to know where to find the answers.律师预计将无法知道答案,每一个法律的问题,但预料他们知道在哪里可以找到答案。

Hours of legal research can be wasted if law students look in the wrong books.小时的法律研究,可以浪费,如果法律系学生看在错误的书籍。 One key to success in law school studying and legal research is knowing where to look for an answer.一个成功的关键在法学院学习法律方面的研究是不知道在哪里寻找一个答案。

To find an answer quickly, a law student must (1) know the resources in a law library, (2) know which resource is best for a law student’s particular question, and finally, know how to use that resource.为了找到答案很快,法律,学生必须( 1 )知道资源在一个法律图书馆, ( 2 )知道哪些资源是最好的一法律系学生的特殊问题,最后,知道如何使用资源。

I learned this approach from law review editors when I served on law review.我知道这种做法从法律审查的编辑,当我送达有关法律审查。 I still use this approach as an attorney today.我仍然使用这种方法,作为一个检察长今天。

Where to Start从哪里开始

Some law students start their research by searching cases in WestLaw.一些法律系的学生开始他们的研究寻找案件在westlaw 。 Normally this is a big waste of time.通常这是一个很大的浪费了时间。 Law students can spend hours reading through cases that match a search criterion without ever finding a case that answers their question.法律系学生可以花时间读通过案件相匹配的搜索标准,从来没有找到一个案件的答复他们的问题。

Although research should end by finding a primary authority (case or statute) that answers your research question, the best place to start is Read the rest of this Law Student article »虽然研究应为此找到一个小学管理局(案件或规约)表示,研究回答您的问题,最好的地方,开始是阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

Interview with Concord Law School Graduate 采访康科德法学院研究生

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The following is an interview I had with a graduate of Concord Law School, which is an online law school now affiliated with Kaplan University.以下是采访我曾与毕业的康科德法学院,这是一个在线法学院,现在下属的卡普兰大学。 I have broken the interview into sections so you can jump to the section that interests you most. Read the rest of this Law Student article »我已打破了采访到的第,让您可以跳转到该区段的利益,您最。 阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

Law Schools & Law Students in the News 法学院及法律系学生在新闻

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The holidays are almost here!假期几乎是在这里! Many of you are already done with finals.你们中许多人已经做了决赛。 It’s time to relax, sit back, and enjoy the break.它的时间来放松,静坐,回,并享受休息一会。 You’ve worked hard; you earned it.您努力工作;您所赚取的。

Brain-Free Reading 脑免费读

As you kick into relaxation mode, here are some news stories that don’t require any thinking.正如你踢成放宽模式,这里有一些新闻报道认为,不需要任何的想法。 While you were preparing for finals and in finals, some law students and law schools were making the news. Read the rest of this Law Student article »当你准备决赛,并在决赛中,有些法律系学生和法律学校,使新闻。 阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

How to Buy Law School Books Cheap 如何购买法学院书籍廉价

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You want to save money buying law school books?您想节省金钱,购买法学院的书籍吗? I’ve searched the internet and talked to countless friends to find the best ways to buy law school books for cheap without compromising value.我已经搜查了互联网和谈过无数的朋友,找到最好的购买方式法学院的书籍,廉价,没有妥协的价值。 Here is what I found. Read the rest of this Law Student article »这里是什么我发现。 阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

Two Great Law Student Blogs 两个伟大的法律系学生博客

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A while back, I asked why some law students decided to start a blog.* Two law students posted excellent answers to the question.而回,我问,为什么一些法律系的学生,决定启动一个博客*两个法律系学生张贴的优秀问题的答案。

Part-time Law Mom wrote her answer here . 部分时间制法的妈妈写了她的答案在这里 She explained:她解释:

I had spent months combing law student blogs trying to find blogs by part-time law student mothers with kids.我曾经花了几个月精梳法学生的博客,试图寻找博客的部分时间制法律系学生的母亲与孩子。 The only great blog I found existed through the author’s first year before she ended it.只有伟大的博客我发现存在通过作者的第一年之前,她结束了它。 I decided that I would start a blog in order to both chronicle this adventure and also to help other mothers who might be considering law school in addition to a full-time job.我决定,我将开始一个博客,以便双方纪事这冒险,也帮助其他的母亲谁可能考虑法学院在除了全职兼职工作。

The Frugal Law Student wrote his answer here .俭朴的法律系学生写了他的答案在这里 He explained his reasons for starting a blog:他解释,他的理由,开始博客:

After a few years of being an avid blog reader, I decided to start my own.经过几年的作为一个热爱博客读者,我决定开始我自己。 Because I was big fan of personal finance blogs and law school blogs, I thought I would marry the two and create a blog dedicated to helping law students mitigate their crippling law school debt.因为我是大范个人财务的博客和法学院的博客,我以为我会结婚,两个和创建博客致力于帮助法律系学生减轻其残害法学院的债务。 I figured it would be a good way to keep track and hold me accountable for how I managed my finances in during law school i想通这将是一个好办法,保持和跟踪保持我的责任我如何管理我的财政状况在法学院

My reason for starting a blog was similar.我的理由,开始一个博客类似。 I wanted to read a blog by other law students and couldn’t find any.我想读博客由其他法律另有规定的学生及无法找到任何。 In particular, I wanted a blog with tips for doing better in law school.特别是,我想要一个博客的秘诀做更好的法学院。

Learning Law School Success from Others 学习法学院成功从别人

As a 1L, I was constantly finding ways to improve my performance.作为一个1升,我不断寻找一种方式,改善我的表现。 I wished I could have learned these law school tips from the beginning rather than through the “school of hard knocks.”我想我可以了解,这些法学院的秘诀从一开始,而非透过“学校的重击” 。

Law School Tips 法学院的秘诀

Since that time, I have happily encountered many law student blogs.自那时起,我愉快地遇到了许多法律学生的博客。 Some of those blogs had law school tips, but none of them focused exclusively on law school tips.一些人的博客了法学院的秘诀,但他们中没有一个专门致力于法学院的秘诀。 If you search the archives here, you will find many of the law school tips I found along with some of my own.如果您搜寻的档案在这里,你会发现,许多法学院的秘诀我发现随着我的一些自己的。

Publicize Your Law Student Blog Here 宣传您的法律系学生博客在这里

If you want your law student blog featured here, stay tuned.如果您希望您的法律系学生博客精选这里,敬请期待。 My next plan with Law Student .TV is to find a way to promote the blogs of other law students.我的下一个计划与法律系学生 。电视是找到一种方式,以促进该博客的其他法律另有规定的学生。

You can already promote your law school blog posts at School Blog Vote using its law school student section , but I’m working on another option that could further promote law students’ blogs.您已经可以促进您的法学院的博客帖子在学校的博客投票,利用其法学院学生组 ,但我工作的另一种选择,可以进一步促进法律学生博客。 Come back soon for more details.很快回来,了解更多详情。

In the meantime, you could add some more interesting blog posts to your law school blog, so that when visitors arrive in a few weeks, they have more interesting material to read.在此期间,您可以添加一些更有趣的博客帖子到您的法学院的博客,这样,当旅客抵达在几周之内,他们有更多有趣的材料阅读。

* NOTE : I promised to link to the blogs of whoever answered. * :我答应链接到博客的,谁回答。 My delay is inexcusable, but it relates to having a baby and taking the bar exam.我的延误是不可原谅的,但它涉及到有一个婴儿,并考虑律师考试。 I am finally making good on that promise.我终于取得良好的对这一承诺。 Thanks to the authors of these great law school blogs for their patience.感谢作者的这些伟大的法学院,博客为他们的忍耐力。

Law School has Law Student Blog Directory 法学院已法律系学生博客目录

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Regent University School of Law has a web page listing its law students’ blogs .丽晶大学法学院有一个网页上列出其法律学生博客 This was the first time I had seen a law school that published a list of blogs run by its law students.这是我第一次出现了法学院公布的名单博客来说,其法律的学生。

Does your law school have a blog directory listing law students’ blogs?请问您的法学院有一个博客的目录清单法律系学生'博客? If so, please leave a comment here with the link for other law students to enjoy.如果有的话,请离开这里评论与连结其他法律另有规定的学生享受。

Free 1L Review Courses 免费1升检讨课程

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Legal Andrew just launched a contest that might be of interest to law students. 法律,郑家富刚展开一项竞赛,可能会有兴趣的法律系学生。 Through a partnership with Law Study Systems , law students can get free licenses to their Essentials review courses (a $90 value).通过建立伙伴关系,与法学研究的系统 ,法律系学生可以得到免费的许可证,其要点检讨课程( 1 90元的价值) 。

There are two ways to enter:有两种方法可以输入:

  1. write a blog review (you must have a blog) OR写博客检讨(您必须有一个博客)或
  2. post a comment response (anyone can do this)张贴评论的回应(任何人都可以这样做)

Every blog review wins a license to all 3 of the courses.每一个博客检讨,赢得了许可证的所有三的课程。 A random winner will be drawn from the comment entries.Here is the blog review post: Free Law School Review Courses - Calling 1L Bloggers随机赢家将取自评论entries.here是博客检讨后: 免费法学院检讨课程-呼吁一升博客

Here is the first comment post (3 others coming soon): What 1L Contract Topic Worries You?这里是第一个评论后( 3他人即将推出的) : 什么一升合同话题的忧虑,你呢? - FREE Review Course -免费复习课程

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