Preparing for Law Practice While in Law School 准备法律实践的同时,在法律上学校

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If you want to practice as a solo attorney or in a small firm, there are ways you can prepare for your law practice while in law school.如果您想要实践作为一个独奏授权书或在一个小公司,有一些方法可以作好准备,为您的法律实践的同时,在法律上的学校。 See How to Prepare for Solo Practice While in Law School .如何准备独奏的做法,而在法学院

But maybe you want to work in a big firm.但也许你想工作在一个大公司。 Want to make a ton of money as an attorney?想作出一吨的钱,作为一个检察长? Then understand where the money is, and more importantly, where the money isn’t. Read the rest of this Law Student article »然后明白,那里有钱,更重要的是,那里有钱没有。 阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

Most Law Graduates Dissappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress 最法律系毕业生dissappointed :数的职位,低工资,高应力

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There seems to be a growing problem among law school graduates and new attorneys.似乎有一种日益严重的问题之间的法学院毕业生和新的律师。 They can’t find law jobs , the jobs they find don’t pay enough to repay law school loans, and the jobs require unhealthy amounts of hours doing the type of work that many lawyers find unsatisfying, or worse.他们无法找到法律工作 ,他们找到的工作不给予足够偿还贷款法学院,和职位要求不健康的数额时做类型的工作,很多律师找到unsatisfying ,或者更糟。

The number of law school graduates continues to increase must faster than the number of law jobs available.有多少法学院毕业生继续增加,必须更快的人数比法律职位。 The supply of law graduates is high, but the demand has not kept pace.供应法律系的毕业生是高,但需求没有跟上。

As a result, law school graduates who did not graduate in the top 10% of a Tier 1 law school are having great difficulty getting Read the rest of this Law Student article »因此,法学院的毕业生谁没有毕业的在顶端的10 % , 1 1级法学院有极大的困难越来越阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

48 Ways To Get a Law Job 48的方法来得到法律工作

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Legal Andrew presents 48 practical tips to find the perfect job .法律,郑家富介绍了48个实用技巧,以找到最完美的工作 The article isn’t focused on law jobs per se, but Legal Andrew’s advice is still very useful for law students and the aspiring lawyer.文章是不是侧重于法律工作本身,而是法律,郑家富的意见,仍然是十分有益的法律系学生和有志律师。

For more help finding a job as a law student or lawyer, visit the Law Student Jobs section of this site.如需更多帮助,找工作作为一个法律系学生或律师,请访问法律系学生工作的一段本网站。

Loan Forgiveness for Public Interest Lawyers 贷款宽恕为公众利益的律师

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Here is some great news for law students and law school graduates entering public interest law jobs (government, non-profit, etc.).这里是一些大的消息,法律系学生和法律学校的毕业生进入公众利益的法律职位(政府,非盈利性的,等等) 。

This includes public defenders, city prosecutors, federal government lawyers, attorneys at non-profit and charity organizations, and a variety of similarly situated law school graduates.这包括公设辩护人,市检察官,美国联邦政府的律师,律师在非营利和慈善组织,以及各种处境类似的法学院毕业生。

In short, this new law will provide law school loan repayment assistance to students taking public interest jobs.总之,这新的法律将提供法学院还款的援助,向学生以公众利益的工作。

The following was provided by Philip G. Schrag of the Georgetown University Law Center: 以下是所提供的考利schrag的乔治敦大学法律中心:

This morning, President Bush signed the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 ( HR 2669 ), which includes two provisions that will make it much easier for law students who graduate with high educational debt to have long-term public service careers.今天上午,美国总统布什签署该学院降低成本和获取行为的2007年2669小时 ) ,其中包括两项条文,这将使更容易为法律学生谁学位与高学历的债务,以有长远的公共服务事业。 The bill includes a section creating an income-based repayment (IBR) plan that enables graduates to make much smaller monthly payments when their incomes are low: the IBR formula caps repayment at 15% of (AGI minus 150% of the federal poverty level).条例草案包括一节创造一个以收入为基础的还款( IBR技术)计划,使毕业生作出小得多每月付款时,他们的收入是低的: IBR技术公式上限,还款的15 % (完减去150 %的联邦贫困线水平) 。 Interest not paid Read the rest of this Law Student article »利息没有支付,其余的阅读这部法律的学生的文章»

How Much are New Lawyers’ Salaries? 有多少是新的辩护律师的薪酬?

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Wonder how much you can earn when you graduate from law school? NALP surveyed law school graduates from 1992 to 2006 and published what the average attorney was paid.不知有多少,您可以赚取当你毕业的法学院呢? nalp调查的法学院毕业生,从1992年到2006年和出版什么平均律政司支付。

The numbers are interesting.数字是有趣。 In 2006, the average starting salary for an attorney at a small firm (2-10 attorneys) was $50,000.在2006年,平均起薪点为1律政司在一个小公司( 2-10律师)五点零零万美元。 The average starting salary for an attorney at a large firm (over 500 attorneys) was $135,000.平均起薪点为1律政司在一个大公司(超过500名律师)一十三万五千美元。

It is worth noting that the survey covers a large geographic area, so some adjustment is necessary for your local region.值得注意的是,这项调查涵盖了大的地理区域,所以一些调整是必要的为您所在的地区。 If you are in a small city, rural area, or city overpopulated by law schools, the average salary for your area may be less than the survey average.如果您是在一个小城市,农村地区,或城市人口过剩所法律学校,平均薪金为您的地区可能少于调查平均水平。 If you are starting in New York, or some other top paid city, the average salary for your area may be more than the survey average.如果你正开始在纽约,或其他一些顶端支付的城市,平均年薪为您的地区可能会有多个调查平均水平。

I suppose the results could be further criticized for being unscientific in one way or another.我的结果可进一步批评为不科学的一种或另一种方式。 However, as a general guide to new associate salaries, the survey results are enlightening.然而,作为一般指南,以新设立的副薪俸,统计调查的结果是富有启发性。

To see the survey results, visit NALP’s What Do New Lawyers Earn?看到调查结果,访问nalp的什么新的辩护律师收入?

11-23-07 Update: This article has been updated. 11-23-07更新:此文章已更新。 Please read Many Law Graduates Dissappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress .请阅读很多法律系毕业生dissappointed :数的职位,低工资,高应力 For help finding the law job that is right for you, visit our law jobs section.为帮助寻找法律的工作是正确的,请访问我们的法律工作的一节。

A note from a reader: 一份说明,从一个读者:

Law graduates always prefer to attend the traditional educational institutes in a hope to get high salaries in the market than are offered to the graduates holding online degrees.法律系毕业生总是宁愿参加传统的教育机构在一个希望能以高薪在市场上比是提供给毕业生举办网上程度的影响。 Although a traditional academic experience is matchless but, online learning resources such as 000-253 are a valuable means to enhance one’s skills.虽然传统的学术经验是无可匹敌,但网上学习资源,如000-253是一种宝贵的手段,以提高人的技能。 Online certifications in a technical area, such as 000-415 , not only grant the educational qualifications but also shape one’s career.网上认证,在技术领域,如000-415 ,不仅授予学历,但也形成一个人的职业生涯。 Some of these certifications like 000-664 even enable the students to work at top notch laboratories to have an on hand experience of the technical details.一些这些认证一样, 000-664 ,甚至使学生工作在一流的实验室有一对亲身体验的技术细节。 Once at a competent level, professional can keep up with the latest tools and techniques ( 000-730 ) to aid in their progression.一旦在一个称职的级别,专业能跟上最新的工具和技术( 000-730 ) ,以援助在其进展。

Problems for Law Firms Hiring Law Students 问题的律师事务所聘请法律专业学生

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CALI’s Pre-Law Blog posted a humorous video that raises some interesting questions about the law school on-campus interview (OCI) process.卡利法律博客张贴幽默的影片引起了一些有趣的问题有关的法律学校的校园面试(保监处)的过程。 You can view the video here:您可以查看视频在这里:

(Source: More on OCI/Law Firm Recruiting .) (资料来源: 更多关于保险业监理处/律师事务所招聘 ) 。

Is Some Dishonesty Okay? 是一些不诚实的好?

The video questions the value of OCI to employers.视频问题的价值,保监处,向雇主。 For example, the video shows the interviewee (law student) giving the answers that she assumes the interviewer (law firm partner) wants to hear.举例来说,视频显示,受访者(法律系学生)给的答案,她假设采访(律师事务所合伙人)希望听到的。

While that seems dishonest at first glance, is it unrealistic? Read the rest of this Law Student article »而这似乎是不诚实的乍看之下,是不切实际的? 阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

Law School Graduate Job Hunt Advice 法学院研究生就业亨特的意见

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Any recent law school graduate searching for a job knows that the legal job market is over-saturated with job candidates.任何最近的法学院毕业生寻找工作,知道法律的就业市场是过饱和与就业的候选人。 This means you need a competitive edge to get hired.这意味着你需要一个竞争优势,获得聘用。

First, I suggest ordering what I believe is the absolute best law job hunt book available, Guerrilla Tactics For Getting The Legal Job Of Your Dreams: Regardless of Your Grades, Your School, or Your Work Experience!首先,我建议订购什么,我相信是绝对最佳的法律工作亨特预订, 游击战术获得法律的工作,你的梦想:无论您的等级,您的学校,或您的工作经验!

Second, visit our new Law Jobs page with links to many websites that will help the hunt for your law job.第二,访问我们的新法律的工作网页,链接到许多网站,这将有助于寻找您的法律工作。

Encouragement and Tips for Jobless 3Ls 鼓励和提示失业3ls

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Gregory W. Bowman, a professor at Mississippi College School of Law, wrote an excellent post with encouragement and advice for 3L job hunting on his much loved blog, the Law Career Blog .格雷戈里瓦特鲍曼,一位教授在密西西比大学法学院,写了一个很好的职位与鼓励和忠告三升找工作 ,他更喜欢博客, 法律职业的博客 For jobless law students, I also suggest the best law job-hunt book为失业法律系学生,我也建议, 最好法律求职亨特预订 .

Here at Law Student, I’ve sorted through countless career websites to find the best for your job search.在这里法律系学生,我已经整理,通过无数的职业生涯的网站,找到最适合您的求职。 To learn more about legal job types and jobs available now, visit the law jobs section.若要了解更多关于法律的工种和职位,现在,请访问法工作一节。

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