NY Bar Exam Glitch 纽约州律师考试故障

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The essays of 400 law students taking the New York bar exam were incomplete.散文400法律系学生以新的纽约律师考试不完整。 reported the New York Law Journal.报道,设在纽约的法律学刊。 The problem may be due to a bar exam software glitch.该问题可能是由于一间酒吧考试软件故障。

The NY Board of Law Examiners contracted with Software Secure.在纽约州议会的法律考官承包与软件的安全性。 Software Secure determined that the software errors occured in response to students toggling between answer tabs during the bar exam.软件安全的决心,这种软件的错误发生在回应学生之间的切换答案的标签,在律师考试。 The missing portion of the exams may be recoverable from backups that the software creates on a computer during the exam.失踪部分的考试,可追讨的备份软件创建的电脑上,在考试。

According to the NY Board of Law Examiners, it is still too early to tell if the software problems will cause a delay in grading the July exam, which is scheduled to be completed in November.根据该委员会的纽约州法律的考官,这是仍言之尚早告诉,如果软件的问题,会造成延误,分级七月考试,这是定于十一月完成。

Despite these problems, problems taking the bar exam with a computer remain very rare, with most problems eventually being resolved through software reduntancy measures.尽管存在这些问题,考虑问题,律师考试与一部电脑仍然是非常罕见的,大多数的问题最终得到解决,通过软件reduntancy措施。

Source: New York Law Journal quoted in the Out of the Jungle blog.资料来源:纽约法律日报引述,在走出丛林的博客。

Funny Law School Apparel 有趣的法学院服装

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Want to wear some law school apparel?想穿一些法学院的服装? It’s not easy to find clothes with a law school theme.这不是容易找到的衣服与法学院的主题。 But find these shirts and countless others at Cafe Press:但找到这些衬衫和无数其他人在网吧新闻:

Often, law school apparel is not the most stylish (but as we all know, that isn’ta problem for most law students).很多时候,法学院的服装是不是最时尚的(但大家都知道,这不是问题,最法律系学生) 。 But these clothes are funny and interesting, and are sure to amuse family and friends, and maybe make a law school professor smirk when she sees them.但是,这些衣服都是搞笑和有趣,并且一定要逗家人和朋友,也许作出法学院教授smirk当她看到他们。

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Tips for Bar Exam Success 提示律师考试成功

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Here are some good bar exam tips.这里有一些好的律师考试的秘诀。 Good luck to law students taking the bar exam this week!好运法律系学生以律师考试,这周!

Tips for bar exam success:提示律师考试的成功:

Law School Trick for Massive Memorization 法学院的伎俩,为大规模的记忆

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Law school isn’t supposed to be about memorization.法学院是不应该约背诵。 Unfortunately, most law students encounter at least one closed-book exam that requires memorizing various elements (eg criminal law), standards of review (eg constitutional law), rules (eg property), or other information.不幸的是,大多数法律系学生遇到至少一个封闭的预订考试,需要记忆的各种要素(如刑事法) ,标准的审查(如宪法) ,规则(如知识产权) ,或其他信息。 Sometimes a student merely wants to memorize a checklist of key issues to spot.有时,一个学生,只是要背诵的清单,关键问题点。

If you are facing a closed-book exam like this, have no fear.如果你正面临一个封闭的图书考试一样,没有恐惧。 The solution is using common memorization tricks that can help you store massive amounts of information, at least, for a few days.解决的办法是使用共同的记忆技巧,可以帮助您存储大量的信息,至少是为了数天。

These aren’t late-night television infomercial tricks.这些都不是深夜电视商业信息的手法。 And you don’t have to pay for them.您不必支付给他们。 These are mnemonic methods frequently taught in bar exam preparation courses.这些都是助记符方法经常教导,在律师考试预备课程。

Just spend 2-3 minutes reviewing the techniques, and select the best one for your law school exam: Mnemonic Techniques and Specific Memory Tricks to Improve Memorization .刚刚花费2-3分钟检讨技术,并选择最好的之一,为您的法学院考试: 助记符技术和具体的记忆窍门,以改善记忆

Ways Twitter Can Improve Law School Life twitter的方法可以改善法律的学校生活

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Update: For more information about Twitter, I highly recommend Caroline Middlebrook’s Guide to Twitter . 更新:如需有关twitter ,我强烈推荐加路连山middlebrook的指南twitter

Wondering why everyone’s abuzz about the potential of Twitter?为什么每个人的abuzz约的潜力twitter ? Chris Brogan offers 5 reasons why they’re not crazy.克里斯brogan提供5个原因,它们不是疯了。 For law school study groups or merely law school friends, this appears to be an efficient new way to get quick answers from friends about a law school assignment or a reading assignment, keep in contact with old family and friends, or stay in touch for after-class socializing.为法学院的研究团体或仅仅是法学院的朋友,这似乎是一个有效率的新方法,获得快速的答案从朋友约法学院转让或一读转让,保持联络,与旧的家人和朋友,或留在触摸后一流的应酬。 What’s so great about it? Read the rest of this Law Student article »是什么使伟大的约呢? 阅读其余这部法律的学生的文章»

Law School Tip for the Bar Exam Application 法学院的秘诀律师考试的应用

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If you are taking the bar exam, here is a great tip from Legal Andrew : Get a free credit report to assist you in remembering the past 10 years of your personal information (home addresses, etc.).如果您正在服用的律师考试,这里是一个伟大的秘诀,从法律,郑家富 :立即获得免费的信用报告,以协助您记住过去10年,您的个人信息(住址等) 。 Visit Credit Report Aids with Bar Application for more information.访问的信用报告,艾滋病与酒吧的应用以获取更多信息。

Bar Exam Tips, Advice, & Resources for Law School Students 律师考试的秘诀,咨询,与资源,为法学院学生

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If you will be taking the bar exam, you may find the new Bar Exam page useful.如果您将采取律师考试,您可能会发现新的律师考试页有用的。 You can access it from the “ Bar Exam ” tab at the top of any page at Law Student .您是否可以访问它从“ 律师考试 ”标签,在任何网页上方的在法律系学生

This page is a growing list, so check back occasionally for more useful resources.此页是一个日益名单,所以请回,偶尔更多有用的资源。

A note from a reader: 一份说明,从一个读者:

The exam tips and relevant resources for bar exams can be accessed with as much ease as can be for gmat .Many of the online exams make the content, test samples and online learning resources available on the internet.考试的技巧和相关资源,为大律师考试,可以利用作为缓和得多,可以为GMAT ,许多线上,使考试的内容,测试样品和在线学习资源因特网上查到。 This is especially true for the exams that can be taken on the coputer, like gre without having to use a paper and pencil.这是尤其如此考试可以采取对coputer ,想的GRE无需使用纸张和铅笔。 These online means of learning and communicating is the integral part of all online education .这些网上的手段学习和沟通,是不可分割的一部分,所有的线上教育

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