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Finding the best online law schools is difficult with all the misinformation on the web.寻找最佳的线上法律学校是很难与所有的错误消息在网站上。 We previously compared the options of attending a traditional law school vs. an online law school .我们以前相比,选择出席一个传统的法学院与一个在线法学院 Now let’s consider how to approach online law schools when deciding which one is best for you.现在让我们考虑如何处理网上法律学校时,决定哪一个是最适合您。

Which online law schools are the best?哪一种线上法律学校是最好的呢? Which online law schools are ranked highest?哪一种线上法律学校的排名最高的呢? These are loaded questions.这些都是装货的问题。 Not everyone will agree with the answers.不是所有人都会同意的答案。 But lets try to tackle these questions.但让试图解决这些问题。

Before answering which online law school is best, there is a bigger issue.在回答哪些在线法学院是最好的,有一个更大的问题。 What does “best” mean?什么是“最好”是什么意思? Asking about the “best online law school” raises a number of questions:问及“最佳网上法学院”提出了一些问题:

  • Best online law school for whom?线上最好的法学院为谁?
  • Best online law school in what ways?线上最好的法学院有什么办法呢?
  • Best online law school measured by what standards?线上最好的法学院,衡量的标准是什么?
  • Is there a best online law school?是否有一个最佳的线上法学院?

Best Traditional Law School Rankings最佳传统法学院排名

These are the same questions being raised by deans of traditional law schools that are ranked each year.这些都是同样的问题被提出,由院长传统法律学校的排名,每年。 Many law school deans disagree with ranking systems because the ranking attempts to suggest which law school is best using a set of criteria.很多法学院的院长同意与排名系统,因为排名企图建议,其中法学院,最好是使用一套标准。 Law school deans argue that law school students are different, law school students’ needs are different, law school students’ goals are different, and these differences mean that no single law school will best address the unique characteristics of each and every law student.法学院院长认为,法学院的学生不同,法学院学生的需要不同,法学院学生的目标不同,和这些分歧的意思,没有任何单一的法学院将最好的解决独特的特点,每一个法律系学生。

Online Law School Evaluations在线法学院评价

The same arguments hold true for online law schools.相同的论点进行真正的在线法律学校。 But where does that leave potential law students who are evaluating online law schools?但是否离开潜在的法律系学生谁正在评估网上法律学校? Law schools teach law students to (1) judge, (2) be critical thinkers, (3) balance multiple factors, and (4) weigh inferior and superior options.法学院教授法律系学生( 1 )法官, ( 2 )是至关重要的思想家, ( 3 )平衡多种因素,及( 4 )衡量劣势和优越的选项。 Even a good consumer knows that before spending $100,000 or more on an education, the consumer should compare options.即使是一个很好的消费者知道,然后才动用一十○万美元或以上的教育,消费者应该比较选项。

Thus, we can conclude that (1) prospective online law students need information comparing online law schools, but (2) an all-encompassing rating system that determines the “best online law school” for every student is over-reaching at best.因此,我们可以得出结论, ( 1 )准在线法律系学生需要的资料比较,网上法律学校,但( 2 )一个包罗一切的评级制度,决定“将线上最好的法学院”为每一个学生是深远的最好。

Best Online Law School Factors线上最好的法学院因素

To determine which online law school is best for you, I will be examining, comparing, and discussing attributes of the various online law schools.以确定哪一种线上法学院,是最适合你,我会研究,比较,讨论和属性的各种网上法律学校。 The important factors will be examined.的重要因素,将加以研究。 Are there certain online law schools that you want to know about more than others?有一定的在线法律学校,您想了解比其他人更呢? Are certain factors in selecting an online law school more important to you than other factors?某些因素,在选择一个在线法学院,更重要的,你比其他的因素? If you have suggestions, please leave a comment here.如果您有任何建议,请留下一个在这里评论。 I would be glad to focus on the online law schools that you are interested in hopes of helping you and similarily interested students figure out which online law school is “best.”我会很高兴把重点放在网上法律学校,你有兴趣,希望能帮助你和同样有兴趣的学生计算出哪一种线上法学院是“最佳” 。

Best Online Law School for You线上最好的法学院,为您

The best online law school for you may not be the best online law school for someone else.线上最好的法学院,为您未必是最好的在线法学院为别人。 Rather, the best online law school will be the online law school that matches your needs, interests, and goals.相反,最佳的线上法学院将线上法学院符合您的需要,利益,和目标。

NOTE : If you are a student at an online law school, or if you have some useful information for students selecting an online law school, please don’t hesitate to share that information as a Comment here. 注意 :如果您是一名学生在网上法学院,或者如果您有一些有用的资料,让学生选择一个在线法学院,请不要犹豫,共享信息作为一个在这里评论。

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