Is Law a Business or Profession? 法律是一项业务或专业?

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Is law a profession or a business?是法律专业或业务? This remains an ongoing debate, and raises questions about whether law schools should teach the business side of law.这仍然是一个正在进行的辩论,并提出了质疑是否有法律,学校应教导营商方面的法律。 But first, let’s examine the profession vs. business arguments.但首先,让我们研究界与商界的论点。

Legal Profession vs. Legal Business法律界与法律业务

Traditionally, law has been treated like a profession.传统上,法律一直当作一种职业。 Lawyers have a government protected monopoly because only lawyers can practice law.律师有政府保护的垄断,因为只有律师可以实践的法律。 Lawyers must maintain high ethical codes.律师必须保持高度的道德守则。 Further, lawyers often know each other through law school, court interactions, involvement in deals, politics, or law related social events, so lawyers have their own community, which is often interwoven to an extent that surprises new lawyers.此外,律师往往知道对方通过法律学校,法院的互动,参与交易的,政治,法律或相关的社会活动,使律师有自己的社区,这是相互交织,往往在某程度上说,惊喜指定新的辩护律师。

There was a time when most people didn’t know a lawyer.曾经有一段时间,当大多数人不知道一名律师。 These days, most people know at least one lawyer.这些天来,大多数人都知道至少一名律师。

What has changed?有什么改变? One thing that changed in recent decades is the number of lawyers.有一点改变,近几十年来,是律师人数。 Law schools are graduating more lawyers each year.法律学校毕业的更多的律师,每年。 This increase is based on larger class sizes at current law schools and the addition of new law schools.这个增幅是基于较大的每班学生人数在目前的法律学校和增补新订的法律学校。 Further, the creation of online law schools has grown the base of law graduates even more.此外,建立网上法律学校增长的基础上法律系的毕业生甚至更多。 And since online law schools are not approved by the ABA, the ABA has no control over their growth.而且由于网上法律学校是不获批准,由阿坝,阿坝已无法控制它们的增长。

Another factor affecting change in the legal profession the past few decades was lawyers’ conversion to a business mindset.另一个影响因素的变化在法律界,过去几十年来,是律师的转换业务的心态。 As the number of lawyers increased, lawyers had to be increasingly savvy about bringing in clients through networking, marketing, and other methods of competition.作为律师人数增加,律师已被越来越精明的约,使客户在通过网络,市场营销和其他方法的竞争。

Lawyers who adopted this business mindset went beyond client acquisition, and focused on retaining clients through improved client relations, better communications, better reporting to clients, and alternative fee structures.律师谁通过了这项业务的心态,超越了客户的收购,并着眼于保留客户是通过改善客户关系,更好的通讯,更好地汇报给客户,和其他的费用结构。 In short, lawyers increasingly focused on client satisfaction to keep clients from finding another lawyer now that more lawyers were available in the market.在短期内,律师越来越多地注重客户满意度,以保持客户找到另一名律师,现在有更多的律师可以在市场上。

Should Law School Teach the Business Side of Law?应法学院教授营商方面的法律?

The evolution of the legal profession and integration of a business mindset raises the question of what role law schools should have in teaching the business side of law.演变的法律界人士和一体化业务的心态,提出一个问题,什么样的作用法律学校应在教学业务方面的法律。

For the most part, law schools in the United States teach the substantive legal doctrines and procedural legal systems to prepare law students to understand legal theory and apply it in court.在大多数情况下,法律学校,在美国任教的实质性的法律学说和程序的法律系统,以备法律系学生了解法律的理论和应用资讯科技在法庭上。 Rarely do law schools teach about legal marketing, project management (lawyers obviously must juggle multiple cases and matters at once), managing secretaries and junior associates, and networking.很少做法律学校教导有关法律营销,项目管理(律师,显然必须兼顾多个案件和事项,在一次) ,总经理秘书和初级联营公司,和联网。

In addition to these pure business concepts, other concepts are hybrids between law and business.此外,这些纯粹的商业概念,其他概念是杂交种之间的法律和商业。 Many of these areas are taught in law school, at least to some degree.许多这些地区的教授在法学院,至少在某种程度上。 For example, areas like structured settlements involve an understanding of both law (damages, assignment, etc.) and business (valuation, investment markets, risk assessment).例如,地区,例如结构住区涉及的了解,双方的法律(损害赔偿,转让等)和商业(估价,投资市场,风险评估) 。 The areas of law practiced by transactional attorneys frequently require similar knowledge of business subjects.该法律领域实行的交易律师经常需要类似的知识,商业科目。

Do we assume that new attorneys will pick up these skills naturally during their first few years of practice?我们假定新的律师将拿起这些技能,自然在其最初几年的实践呢? Or maybe we leave these skills to be taught by CLEs.或也许我们离开这些技能,以教导由cles 。 If the skills and knowledge required to operate a law firm under best practices is important, maybe law schools should teach theses areas rather than leave them up to lawyers to learn themselves.如果技能和知识,运作所需的一家律师事务所下,最佳做法是很重要的,也许法律学校应该教导论文领域,而不是离开他们的律师要了解自己。

However, there is also merit to the argument that law school can’t contain every possible subject a new attorney must know, so it must focus on the priority subjects, leaving the other subjects for lawyers to learn in other settings.不过,也有值得向的说法法学院不能包含所有可能受到一种新的检察长必须知道,所以必须着眼于优先主题,离开其他科目的律师以了解在其他设置。 This is a valid argument, but it is only reasonable if its premise is true.这是一个正确的论点,但它是唯一合理的,如果其前提是真实的。

That is, this argument is only reasonable if current law school courses actually are more important than teaching law students how to manage multiple projects, delegate tasks effectively, market themselves, and compete in this new legal environment.这是,这个论点是唯一合理的,如果目前的法学院的课程,其实是更重要的,比教学法律系学生如何管理多个项目,有效地代表的任务,市场本身的竞争中,这一新的法律环境。

That question probably has supporters on each side.这个问题可能有支持者,一边一国。 However, I think the time is coming when business skills will no longer be able to be neglected by law schools.不过,我认为时间是未来时,商业技能,将无法再被忽视法律学校。 The US legal market is becoming more competitive, and the international legal market, including India, is increasingly carving away parts of American law that it can do more effectively or cheaper (or both) than American attorneys.美国法律市场正变得更有竞争力,和国际法律的市场,包括印度,越来越远离雕刻部分美国法律,它可以做的更有效或更便宜(或两者) ,比美国的律师。

In other words, since competition is inevitable, success for new attorneys and their law firms will be obtained by responding to market changes, and being the best attorneys possible, which means integrating the business mindset and business skills to attract and keep clients.在其他的话,因为竞争是不可避免的,成功的新律师和他们的律师事务所将得到回应市场的变化,并正在最好的律师可能,这意味着整合业务的心态和业务技能,以吸引和留住客户。

On a more personal note, a vast majority of a law students I attended law school with have no experience in business or an understanding of the business side of law.一个更个人的注意,绝大多数的法律学生,我出席法学院与没有经验,在业务或了解商业方面的法律。 Maybe they will learn this.也许他们会了解这一点。 Maybe they won’t have to learn this, because they practice law with someone who handles the business side for them.也许他们不会要了解这一点,因为他们的做法,法律与某人谁处理业务方面为他们。

But I have a feeling that many of them will struggle with these areas because they don’t even know what they don’t know.但我有一种感觉,他们当中许多的斗争将与这些地区的,因为他们甚至不知道他们不知道。 I wish that for their sake, they had at least some education on the business side of law.我想指出,为了他们,他们已至少有一些教育,商业方面的法律。

Your Advice?您的意见呢?

What do you think?您怎么看? Is a business mindset important for today’s attorneys?是一个重要的商业心态,为今天的律师? If so, should it be taught at law school?若有,应否予以任教于法学院的?

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2 Responses to “Is Law a Business or Profession?” 2反应“是国际法的商业或专业” ?

  1. Shaheem Ali Says: shaheem阿里说:

    The law career is no different than any other career in a free market system.法律职业是没有什么不同,比任何其他的职业生涯,在一个自由市场体系。 Today, in any business, having a great product or service(highly-skilled legal representation)alone is not suficient to maintain and expand a successful business.今天,在任何业务,有一个伟大的产品或服务(高技能的法律代表) ,单是不suficient保持和扩大一个成功的企业。

    In addition to managing multiple projects, delegating tasks effectively, marketing themselves & their office, and competing in this new legal environment (which may include competing against outsourced services from other nations), businesses must maintain a profitable enterprise by consistently managing expenses, making wise decisions when spending money for marketing, office space, the hiring of employees, etc., and keeping awareness that the revenue/expenditure correlation must be regularly analyzed for prifitability.此外,管理多个项目,下放任务,有效地营销自己与他们的办公室,和竞争在这个新的法律环境(其中可能包括竞争对外包服务的来自其他国家的) ,企业必须保持一个有利可图的企业一贯的管理费用,明智的决策决定时,花钱为营销,办公空间,雇用员工等,并保持认识到,收入/开支的相关性必须定期分析prifitability 。 Our goal should not be based on courtroom wins alone.我们的目标不应该的基础上法庭,仅赢。 Our goals should also entail building a successful business enterprise.我们的目标应该还需要建设一个成功的企业。

    Too many business offering a great product or service fail in this ever-increasing competitive free-market system because of their lack of knowledge, or lack of appreciating the value, in business acumen.太多的业务提供一个伟大的产品或服务无法在这方面日益增加的竞争力,自由市场制度,因为他们缺乏知识,或缺乏欣赏价值,在商业触觉。

    Finally, sending new lawyers out into the ultra-competitive legal arena without preparing them with the proper business acumen is like teaching law students case law without teaching procedure.最后,发送指定新的辩护律师到超竞争的法律上没有准备,他们与适当的商业触觉是一样的教学法律系学生的判例法,没有教学的程序。 It makes success much more difficult than it really needs to be.它使成功的要艰难得多,比它真正需要。

  2. Rob Says: 说:

    An interesting question.一个有趣的问题。 As an attorney with over a decade of experience, my belief is that Law was a profession that has been turned into a business.作为一个检察长超过十年的经验,我的信念是该法是一个界已变成一种生意。 For this, you can basically thank the baby-boomer generation of attorneys.为此,您可以基本上感谢婴儿潮一代的律师。

    That’s the generation that basically looked at what CEOs were making in the 1980s and thought, “hey, we should make that much too”.这一代人基本上是看什么地球观测卫星委员会作出了在20世纪80年代和思想, “嘿,我们应该作出这样的太大” 。 However, there were limited ways to do that with the billable hour.不过,有有限的方法,这样做与结算小时。 So, they took the law firm culture from more of a family-like profession (where most lawyers make partner and parter is a job for life) to a pyramid structure where those who were already partners (them, at the time) were on top, followed by other tiers of lesser partners, associates, and counsel.因此,他们采取了律师事务所的文化,从更多的类似家庭的专业(如律师,使大多数的合作伙伴和parter是一个工作生活)一个金字塔结构那些谁已经伙伴(他们,在时间) ,再加上,其次是其他层次较低的合作伙伴,联营公司,和律师。 Partners who weren’t driven enough to give up their lives to billing also are shown the door.合作伙伴谁没有足够的驱动放弃他们的生活帐单也显示的大门。 This started with the bigger firms, and has trickled down to where even tiny firms in small towns have multiple tiers.这开始与更大的公司,并已惠及到哪里,甚至微小企业在小城镇有多个层次。

    One problem with that is that, really, most lawyers are poor business people.其中一个问题是,真的,大部分的律师是穷人的商界人士。 They didn’t foresee that operating more like a business would open them up to business-like consequences (especially higher associate turnover) and related costs.他们没有预料到的经营更象一个商业会公开他们的商业一样的后果(尤其是高准营业额)及相关费用。

    Old partners who read this will probably respond with the typical legal bravado: these billing requirements are for the tough, and those weaklings out there can’t hack it.旧的合作伙伴谁读了这个可能会作出回应,与典型的法律虚张声势:这些帐单的要求,是为强硬,和那些weaklings有不能开刀。 I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hack it through life — I’d rather have time for friends and family, and other interests.我不知道你,但我不想开刀,它通过生活-我宁愿有时间为朋友和家人,和其他利益。 A broken family seems to be a common theme among these “tough” high billers.一个破碎的家庭,似乎是一个共同的主题,其中“硬”高billers 。

    So, the next time you hear an attorney in their 60’s grouse about associate turnover or the young associates wanting to have lives, remember it is that generation that set the current course, but failed to really realize the goal — CEOs work very hard, but they are able to sell companies on their value without submitting time tickets.因此,下一次当您听到一律政司在其60岁的松鸡约协理营业额或年轻的同伙想有生命,没有记错的话,是这一代定的现行作法,但未能真正实现的目标-地球观测卫星委员会的工作非常努力,但他们能以出售公司对他们的价值,没有提交时间门票。

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