Frugal Law Student Wins Law School Blog Contest 俭朴法学生荣获法学院博客大赛

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The Frugal Law Student blog won the Law School division of the ABA’s blog contest, “ Top 100 law blogs in the country .” But the contest was not without drama.俭朴的法律系学生博客赢得法学院分工阿坝的博客竞赛" , 排名前100位博客的法律在该国 " ,但这次比赛是不是没有话剧。

The Frugal Law Student blog won the contest with 668 votes.在俭朴的法律系学生博客赢得了竞赛与668票。 Even more interesting, the blog named “There’s No Competition in Law School” was disqualified after obtaining 1210 votes.更有趣的,博客命名为"没有竞争,在法律学校"被取消比赛资格后,获得第1210票。

This blog’s disqualification may be related to allegations that the blog’s authors cheated to inflate the vote.这个博客的取消资格,可能与指控说,博客的作者被骗来刺激投票。 The controversy continues, as the authors of “There’s No Competition in Law School” (who call themselves the “the Law Bitches”) respond to another law student’s criticism .有关争论至今仍在继续,因为作者"没有竞争,在法律学校" (他们自称为"法律母犬" )的回应另一法律系学生的批评

Whatever happened in that controversy, the Frugal Law Student deserves credit for a professional blog that is appreciated by many law students, and now recognized by the ABA.无论发生在这一争议,但俭朴的法律系学生功劳专业博客表示赞赏,许多法律专业学生,而现在承认,经阿坝。

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