Most Law Graduates Dissappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress 最法律系毕业生dissappointed :数的职位,低工资,高应力

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There seems to be a growing problem among law school graduates and new attorneys.似乎有一种日益严重的问题之间的法学院毕业生和新的律师。 They can’t find law jobs , the jobs they find don’t pay enough to repay law school loans, and the jobs require unhealthy amounts of hours doing the type of work that many lawyers find unsatisfying, or worse.他们无法找到法律工作 ,他们找到的工作不给予足够偿还贷款法学院,和职位要求不健康的数额时做类型的工作,很多律师找到unsatisfying ,或者更糟。

The number of law school graduates continues to increase must faster than the number of law jobs available.有多少法学院毕业生继续增加,必须更快的人数比法律职位。 The supply of law graduates is high, but the demand has not kept pace.供应法律系的毕业生是高,但需求没有跟上。

As a result, law school graduates who did not graduate in the top 10% of a Tier 1 law school are having great difficulty getting a job in law that pays enough to pay off their law school loans.因此,法学院的毕业生谁没有毕业的在顶端的10 % , 1 1级法学院有很大困难找工作在法律上自付不够支付他们的法学院贷款。

Further, even those law graduates who find jobs are often unhappy with the practice of law and the high number of hours they must spend at the firm.此外,即使那些法律系的毕业生谁找到工作,往往是不愉快的与法律的做法和高的时数,他们必须花费的坚定。 (See the Dec. 1, 2007 Update below for links to empiracal data and more discussion on lawyer misery.) (见2007年12月1日更新下面的链接empiracal数据和更多的讨论,对律师的苦难) 。

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article discussing how law school graduates are having great difficulty finding law jobs.华尔街日报最近写了一篇文章,讨论如何法学院的毕业生有很大的困难,寻找法律工作。

For anecdotal evidence of these problems, see the comments from lawyers and law school graduates here .对于传闻证据,这些问题,看到的评论,律师和法学院的毕业生在这里

Having more educated individuals in the United States is generally good.有更多的受过教育的个人在美国总体上是好的。 However, prospective law students should realize the challenges ahead before entering law school.不过,准法律系学生应该认识到未来的挑战,才可进入法学院。

A law school education is still very valuable to students, even if they don’t practice law.一项法律,学校教育仍然是非常宝贵的学生,即使他们没有实践的法律。 But I wrote this article to offset the “rich, happy, powerful lawyer” image suggested by television, so a person can decide about law school with a better understanding of how their future might actually look after law school.但我写此文章,以抵消“丰富,快乐,强大的律师”的形象,建议由电视,所以一个人可以决定约法学院与更好地了解如何他们的前途实际上可能会看后,法学院。

This is an update to these previous posts:这是一个更新这些以前的帖子:

  • Why Most Law School Graduates Earn Less Money Than They Expect 为什么大多数法学院毕业生的收入较少的钱比他们预期
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December 1, 2007 Update : The preceding did not give enough attention to one of the greatest problems for law school graduates—dissatisfaction with their lawyer careers. 2007年12月1日更新 :前没有给予足够的重视,其中一个最大的问题,为法学院毕业的不满,其律师职业。 Fortunately, I came across an article that explains the problem far better than I could, and this author has better credentials than me.所幸的是,我碰到一篇文章,这说明了这个问题远胜于我,这是作者有较好的全权证书比我。 Read Why you shouldn’t go to law school ; See also Law School by Default: Want to keep your options open?阅读为什么你不应该去法学院 ;也见法学院默认情况下:要保留您的选项打开? Don’t train to be a lawyer . 不列车是一个律师

Finally, consider reading a report on empirical evidence suggesting that success within the elite law firm environment often entails a difficult array of personal and professional trade-offs.最后,考虑读一份报告,实证证据表明,成功的精英律师事务所的环境,往往需要一个困难的阵列的个人和专业的贸易帐。 The evidence is humanized in the story of two young associates who work long hours in large, elite law firms and find that their lives are substantively unhappy and morally unfulfilling.证据是在人性化的故事,两位年轻的同伙谁工作时间长,在很大程度上,精英,律师事务所和找到他们的生命是实质性的不满和道义上unfulfilling 。 The report is available here: Young Associates in Trouble .该报告是可在这里: 年轻的同伙在的麻烦

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4 Responses to “Most Law Graduates Dissappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress” 4回应“最法律系毕业生dissappointed :数的职位,低工资,高应力”

  1. How Much are New Lawyer Salaries? Says: 有多少是新律师的薪金呢?说:

    […] Update: This article has been updated. [ … … ]更新:此文章已更新。 Please read Many Law Graduates Dissappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress.请阅读很多法律系毕业生dissappointed :数的职位,低工资,高应力。 Posted September 17, 2007 Related Law School Student […]张贴2007年9月17日有关法学院学生[ … … ]

  2. Is Law School a Good Investment? Says: 是法学院的一项很好的投资呢?说:

    […] Update: This article has been updated. [ … … ]更新:此文章已更新。 Please read Many Law Graduates Dissappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress.请阅读很多法律系毕业生dissappointed :数的职位,低工资,高应力。 Posted July 22, 2007 Related Law School Student […]张贴2007年7月22日有关法学院学生[ … … ]

  3. Larry Says: 拉里说:

    This is a great article.这是一个伟大的文章。 Many people have the misconception that “Lawyer = Rich”.很多人都误以为“律师=济富” 。 While that may be true in some circumstances, it can be true of almost any job given the proper circumstances.虽然这可能是事实,在某些情况下,便可以真正的几乎任何工作给予适当的情况下。

    I am a non-traditional law student hoping to go into private solo practice in a small town.我是一个非传统的法律系学生希望进入私人独奏的做法,在一个小城镇。 Making enough money to pay back my loans and live comfortably does concern me.取得足够的钱来支付回到我的贷款和舒适的生活是否关心我。 I would advise anyone contemplating law school to do some serious personal evaluation and really determine why they want to make such an investment.我会建议任何人contemplating法学院做一些严重的个人评价和真的确定他们为什么要作出这样的一项投资。

    For me it is a wonderful and nobel profession.对我来说这是一个美好的诺贝尔界。 But to become a lawyer simply to “get rich” can be a big mistake coupled with great dissapointment.但要成为一名律师,只不过是“先富起来”可能是一个很大的错误,再加上伟大的dissapointment 。 Make sure you really want to be a lawyer and not just “get rich” before committing yourself to tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of class, study, reading, and research.确保你真的想成为一名律师,而不只是“先富起来”之前承诺给自己数以万计的美元和数千小时的阶级,研究,说,读,研究。

  4. Law Student Says: 法律系学生说:


    Thanks for your great comments.感谢您的伟大的评论。 This is a great reminder for those considering law school.这是一个伟大的提醒那些考虑法学院。

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