Law School Legal Research Tips 法学院法律研究的秘诀

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Here are a few legal research tips for law students that law school may not teach you.这里有一些法律方面的研究提示法律系学生认为,法学院可能不教你。

If you don’t know where to find a particular authority or source (eg the Wallstreet Journal, a particular treatise, a particular body of law, a Restatement, etc.) on WestLaw or Lexis, follow these instructions:如果您不知道在哪里可以找到某个特定的权力或来源(如华尔街日报,特别是伤寒,某一机构的法律,重申了等) westlaw或词汇,请依照下列指示:

  1. Use this resources to find the name of the Lexis or Westlaw database for a particular authority/source: Zimmerman’s Research Guide利用这个资源,以找到的名称,该词汇或westlaw数据库为某一管理局/资料来源: 齐默尔曼的研究指南
  2. For Lexis: Once you have the Lexis database (aka “library”) name, you can use the “Power Search” at the bottom of this page to do a very quick search: Lexis Search Shortcuts . 为词汇:一旦你有没有词汇数据库(又名“图书馆” )的名称,您可以使用“权力搜索”在此页底部的做一个非常快速搜索: 词汇搜寻捷径 (Note that you must have already logged into Lexis before doing the Power Search.) (Maybe there is a way to do this inside Lexis, but I haven’t found it.) (请注意,您必须已经登录到数据库之前,这样做的权力,搜索) (也许有办法这样做内词汇,但我并没有发现它) 。
  3. For WestLaw: Once you have found the WestLaw database, type the database code in WestLaw and search it there. 为westlaw :一旦您找到了westlaw数据库,输入数据库代码在westlaw和搜索,它有。

If you use the Firefox web browser (which I recommend over Internet Explorer), there are some time-saving resources available:如果您使用Firefox网页浏览器(我推荐过的Internet Explorer ) ,也有一些节省时间,可用的资源:

If you have other tips, leave a Comment here.如果您有其他秘诀,留下一个在这里评论。

UPDATE : See also Legal Research and Writing Tips for Law School and How to Improve Legal Writing in Law School . 更新也见 的法律研究和写作技巧,为法学院和如何提高法律写作在法学院 。

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