Tips for Law School Exam Preparation 提示法学院考试准备

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Law school final exams are almost upon us.法学院期末考试,几乎是我们。 Here is a collection of tips you can use to increase your exam performance: How to Prepare for Law School Exams.这里是一个收集提示您可以使用,以提高您的考试表现: 如何准备法学院考试。

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  1. BoleyBlogs! boleyblogs ! » Exam Tips- Paul L. Boley Law Library Says: »考试的秘诀-保罗的研究boley法律图书馆说:

    […] CALI’s Law School Exam Post Links to some of the best advice from law professors podcasting at CALI Radio and their own blogs, and especially trenchant tips from law student bloggers, including this collection from Top Law Student. [ … … ]卡利的法学院的考试后链接到一些最好的意见,由法学教授,播客在卡利电台和自己的博客,特别是trenchant提示从法律系学生博客,包括本收集从顶端法律系学生。 […] [ … … ]

  2. The Frugal Law Student - » Posts I liked this week Says: 该俭朴的法律系学生-»职位,我很喜欢这个星期说

    […] Law Student continues its series on preparing for exams. [ … … ]法律系学生继续就一系列准备考试。 They also have a great post on how to incorporate podcasts into your study […]他们也有很大的后对如何把播客到您的研究[ … … ]

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