How to Resize Pictures Easily 如何调整图片容易

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Resize Pictures for Free

Gone are the days when you need special software to resize your photos or graphic files.日子已经一去不复返当您需要特殊的软件来调整您的照片或图形文件。 Now you can do it easily with this simple online website: .现在,您可以这样做很容易与这个简单的在线网址:

How It Works 如何运作
It’s simple: Pick any image on your hard drive, select the size you want it, and presto!它的特点是简便:挑选任何形象,对您的硬盘驱动器,选择大小,您想要的,和presto ! Out pops your image in the new size.列于持久性有机污染物您的形象,在新的大小。 Save the file to your hard drive and you’re done.档案储存到您的硬盘驱动器即可大功告成。

When to Use It 当使用它
You can probably think of many applications for this.你或许可以认为,许多申请。 Use this when you e-mail photos home to your family, post photos to your MySpace page or blog, want smaller images in a PowerPoint presentation, or publish online announcements for an upcoming student group events.使用此当您发送电子邮件照片主页对你的家人,照片张贴到您的MySpace网页或博客,希望较小的图像在PowerPoint简报,或将其发布网上公布了一个即将到来的学生群体性事件。

This is part of a series of articles highlighting Web 2.0 websites for law students. 这是一系列行动的一部分, 文章突出的Web 2.0网站的法律系学生。

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