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Traditionally, the practice of law is slow to adopt technology.在传统上,法律的做法是缓慢采用的技术。 Maybe attorneys are too busy to learn about new technology.也许律师太忙,学习新技术。 Maybe they are extra cautious because mistakes could lead to catastrophies for their clients.也许他们都格外小心,因为错误有可能导致catastrophies为它们的客户。 But whatever the reason, it hasn’t held back today’s law students.但无论原因为何,但至今没有举行回到今天的法律系学生。

Today’s law students are far more comfortable with technology.今日的法律学生是远远更舒适与技术。 Law students are busy so they want technology that saves them time.法律专业学生都在忙于所以他们要技术,不仅节省了他们的时间。 For many law students, Web 2.0 websites are the answer.对于许多法律系学生, Web 2.0的网站是答案。

Have you heard the term “Web 2.0?” It represents the idea that new websites do more than display information — they are useful tools.你听说一词的" Web 2.0 " ?它代表的想法,新的网站做更多的显示信息-他们是有用的工具。 They allow you to send e-mail (eg Gmail.com ), share photos (eg Flickr.com ), publish details about your life (eg MySpace.com ) and much more.他们允许您发送电子邮件(例如gmail.com ) ,共享照片(如flickr.com ) ,公布详情,你的生活(如myspace.com )以及更多。

Some of the less popular Web 2.0 websites are especially valuable to law students.一些冷门的Web 2.0网站,尤其是有价值的法律系学生。 For example, one lets you Print on Your Home Printer From School , one lets you Backup Your Documents Online for Free , and this one helps Busy Students Easily Schedule Study Groups .例如,有一个可以让你打印你家里的印表机,从学校 ,一个让你备份你的文件放到网上供网民免费的,这一个有利于忙碌的学生可方便地安排学习小组

LawStudent.tv is doing a series highlighting Web 2.0 websites of interest to law students. lawstudent.tv做了一系列突出的Web 2.0网站,有兴趣的法律系学生。 To read about technology for law students, click on the “ Web & Technology ” category on the right.阅读有关科技法律专业学生中,点击" 网络技术 "类别的权利。

If you know of other useful Web 2.0 styled websites, please suggest them by adding a Comment.如果你知道其他有用的Web 2.0风格的网站,请建议他们加入发表评论。

This is part of a series of articles highlighting Web 2.0 websites for law students. 这是党的系列文章突出的Web 2.0网站 ,为法律系学生。

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