How to Use Law Student Business Cards 如何使用法律系学生名片

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Law students who are looking for a job or networking to build their professional network may wonder how law students can use business cards effectively. The Legal Andrew blog had a good article on Business Cards for Law Students , which linked to another good article with advice for all students.法律系学生谁是找工作或联网,以建立他们的专业网络可能不知道如何法律系学生可以使用的名片有效。法律黄宏发博客有了一个良好的文章在名片上为法律学生 ,其中有联系的另一个好文章的意见所有的学生。

You can order free business cards at VistaPrint for the price of shipping, if you don’t mind the VistaPrint logo/message on the back.您可以订购免费的名片在vistaprint为送货价格,如果你不介意该vistaprint标志/讯息在背部。

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