How to Backup Your Documents Online for Free 如何备份你的文件放到网上供网民免费

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Most law students know that losing their notes from a computer crash in the middle of a semester can be devastating.最法律系的学生都知道失去笔记可以从电脑上机坠毁事件中的一学期可能是毁灭性的。 Fortunately, backing up your notes and documents is now easier than ever.幸运的是,备份你的笔记和文件,现在比以往更容易。

I recently tried two free online backup services.最近,我尝试两次罚球线上备份服务。 They were great:他们是伟大的: is currently was my favorite. 目前是我的最爱。 It offers 5 gigabytes of free online storage.它提供5 GB的免费在线存储。 It also provides a little utility to schedule automatic backups (this might not be available for Mac owners).它也提供了一个小实用程序如期进行自动备份(这未必适用于Mac业主) 。 This allows you to automatically back up your computer daily or weekly from anywhere connected to the internet. APRIL 2007 UPDATE : Unfortunately, I have had trouble logging in, Xdrive consistently fails to complete the backup process, and I have read a number of reports that when people try to restore their backed-up data from Xdrive, the data is corrupted.  What good is a backup if you can’t rely on it to restore your files when you need them.  For these reasons, I no longer use or recommend这让你能自动备份您的计算机,每天或每周从任何地方连接到互联网2007年4月更新 :不幸的是,我曾多次遇到麻烦伐木, Xdrive的始终未能完成备份过程,我看过一些报告指出,当人们尝试以恢复其备份数据从Xdrive的,这些数据是败坏了什么好的,是一个备份,如果你不能依靠它来恢复您的文件,当你需要他们。基于上述原因,不再使用或推荐 。 Xdrive was recently purchased by AOL, so maybe these problems will get fixed. Xdrive的是最近购入由美国在线,也许这些问题会得到固定。 (aka ) offers 25 gigabytes of storage for free! (又名 )提供25千兆字节的存储完全免费! But it doesn’t have the utility to schedule backups that Xdrive has, so it’s not as convenient for busy law students.但它不具备实用如期备份Xdrive的,因此它不是为方便忙碌的法律系学生。 However, for students who need a huge amount of backup space, this would be perfect.然而,对于学生需要大量的备份空间,这将是完美的。

The one catch with is they restrict restoring from your backup.一个追赶与mediamax.com是,他们限制,恢复从你的备份。 That is, you can only download 1 gigabyte per month unless you pay for a small subscription.这就是,你只能下载1技嘉每月除非你付一小部分的认购。 This means that if your hard drive crashes, you may need to buy a subscription to restore the entire 25 gigabytes at once.这意味着,如果你的硬盘崩溃,你可能需要购买认购,以恢复整个25千兆字节售磬。

How Much Storage Do I Need for My Backup? 多少储存我需要为我的备份?
Most law students keep their notes and class documents on Microsoft Word files.最法律系学生保持自己的笔记和阶级文件对微软Word文件。 So they need less than 10% of a gigabyte.因此,他们有必要用不到百分之十的GB级。 In other words, Xdrive’s 5 gigabytes is far more than they will ever need to backup their class notes.或者换句话说, Xdrive公司的第5千兆字节,远远超过他们将以往任何时候都需要备份他们班级的纸币。 Videos, music, and powerpoint presentations may use more space.视频,音乐和PowerPoint演示可能会使用较多的空间。 But still, 5 gigabytes is the equivalent to about six CDs.不过,仍有五千兆字节,是相等于约六张CD 。

Are Online Backups Needed if I Already Backup to CD or DVD? 在线备份所需要的,如果已经备份到CD或DVD吗?
Online backups have some benefits over traditional backup methods.联机备份有一些好处,比传统的备份方法。 First, if there is a fire and your CD backups burn, your notes are toast.首先,如果有一个防火和你的光盘刻录备份,你的笔记是致祝酒辞。 Second, Xdrive some services can run automatically while you sleep, so you never forget nor need to take time to do the backup.第二, Xdrive的一些服务,可自动运行,而你的睡眠,所以你永远不会忘记的,也没有必要花时间做后盾。

Are There Other Restrictions? 有没有其他限制呢?
Most online backup services require compliance with copyright laws, which mean students with unauthorized mp3 files cannot back those up.绝大多数的在线备份服务要求遵守著作权法,是指学生与未经授权的MP3文件不能回到那些到了。

Final Advice 最后的忠告
These backup services allow you to save your files in a private folder or public folder.这些备份服务,让您保存您的文件,在一个私人文件夹或公共文件夹。 Be sure to select a private folder if you don’t want the world to have access to your personal documents.一定要选择一个私人文件夹,如果你不想让世界有机会获得你的个人文件。

A Simple Online Backup Method 一个简单的在线备份方法
If you want to backup a very important document you are working on — for example, a take-home exam essay — another simple backup method is e-mailing the document to yourself using Gmail.如果你想备份一个很重要的文件,你的工作-例如,一个带回家的考试征文-另一种简单的备份方法是用电子邮件传送文件给自己用的G m ail。 Gmail will not delete the e-mail message unless you choose to delete it. Gmail将不删除电子邮件讯息,除非您选择将其删除。 When I am working on a very important document, I e-mail it to myself every few hours to ensure my work is not lost should a crash occur.当我工作的一个非常重要的文件,我的电子信箱给自己的每几个小时,以确保我的工作,不应该失去撞车发生。

Update for April, 2007: 更新为2007年4月:

Currently, law students have a number of online backup service options:目前,法律专业学生也有多项线上备份服务选项:

See more free online backup services compared here: Online Storage Services with Free Account Option看到更多的免费在线备份服务相比,在这里: 在线存储服务与免费帐号选项

For law students interested in a traditional backup solution (backup to a hard drive, CD, FTP, etc.), law student Legal Andrew recomends the free SyncBack Freeware software.法律系学生兴趣,在传统的备份解决方案(备份到硬盘,光盘, FTP的,等等) ,法律系学生法律郑家富建议免费syncback免费软件。

This is part of a series of articles highlighting Web 2.0 websites for law students. 这是党的系列文章突出的Web 2.0网站 ,为法律系学生。

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  1. Andrew Flusche Says: 郑家富flusche内容为:

    Thanks for the great article!感谢大文章! I think I used something like Xdrive a while back, and it was totally unsatisfactory.我觉得我用的东西一样, Xdrive的,而回来了,而且这是完全不能令人满意。 However, due to your article I am trying Xdrive again.不过,由于您的文章我想Xdrive的。 So far, it is doing a great job for me.迄今为止,它已做了不少工作适合我。 I use a Seagate Mirra server at home for constant backups, but I want to have an online method for off-site storage.所以我采用希捷Mirra公司服务器在家中恒备份,但我想拥有一个在线法非现场存储。 Yep, I’m paranoid. yep ,我很偏执。 Too many hard drive failures and close calls in the past.太多的硬盘驱动器故障和密切呼吁,在过去的。

    Take care - Andrew照顾-郑家富

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  4. windy76 Says: windy76说:

    For general purposes file and email backup, you definitely want to try DriveHQ.对于一般用途的档案和电子邮件的备份,你一定想尝试drivehq 。 DriveHQ is my favorite online storage and FTP hosting website. drivehq是我最喜爱的线上存储和FTP主办网站。
    They have a nice flash demo of the online backup application.他们有一个好的Flash演示的在线备份应用。 Take a look at the demo or the screenshots:来看看演示或画面:

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