Private MySpace Comments are Not Private 私人MySpace上的评论是不是私人

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Your private page may not be as private as you thought.您的私人myspace.com网页可能不会像私人正如你的思想。 Here you can learn how to view private MySpace pages and concerns about your privacy.在这里,您可以了解如何查看私人MySpace网页和关注,您的隐私。

Recently we discussed the reasons for law students to Delete Your MySpace Page if it contains content not intended for a professional community of attorneys and potential clients.最近我们在讨论的原因,法律系学生删除您的MySpace网页 ,如果它包含的内容不打算为一个专业的社会律师和潜在的客户。 Then we mentioned an alternative: You could Set Your MySpace Page to ‘Private’然后我们提到的另一种:您可以设定您的MySpace网页,以'私人'

However, this recent article revealed how anyone can view comments on a private MySpace page: How to view PRIVATE myspace comments .不过,这最近的一篇文章显示,如何任何人都可以浏览的评论对私人MySpace网页: 如何看待私人MySpace上的意见 I tried it and it works.我试图资讯科技及工程。 This means setting your MySpace page to private will not make comments on your page private.这意味着,设定您的MySpace网页,以私人将不会作出评论在您的网页上的私人。

Perhaps, in the future, hackers may find ways to access the entire contents of private MySpace pages.或许,在未来的日子,黑客可能找到方式来存取的全部内容私人MySpace网页。

MySpace The Lesson: What you post on the Internet may eventually be public information. 教训:什么您发布在互联网上最终可能会公共信息。

Update: MySpace no longer allows users to view comments on private pages. 更新: MySpace上不再允许用户查看评论对私人的页面。 MySpace fixed this security loophole . MySpace上固定这个安全漏洞。 But learn what else you can do with MySpace here: MySpace Tips and Tricks 但了解你,还有什么可以做的,与MySpace上的位置: MySpace上的技巧和窍门 .

This is part of a series of articles highlighting Web 2.0 websites for law students. 这是一系列行动的一部分, 文章突出的Web 2.0网站的法律系学生。

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5 Responses to “Private MySpace Comments are Not Private” 5回应“私人MySpace上的评论是不是私人”

  1. sabrinalee Says: sabrinalee说:

    Hey, I can’t bet on my myspace i tried the email is right and the password but, it still want let me in.嘿,我不能赌注押在我的MySpace上我尝试的电子邮件是正确的和密码,但它仍然希望让我英寸

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    […] Private MySpace Comments are Not Private […] [ … … ]私人MySpace上的评论是不是私人[ … … ]

  3. Laurennnnn Says: laurennnnn说:

    Hey..嘿.. um i have been trying to take the private thing of my myspace but i dont know how… coz everyone hates it when your profile is set to private coz then you got to go through the process of adding them bla etc. would you please help me?嗯,我一直试图采取私人的事,我MySpace上,但我不知道如何…正版游戏每个人都讨厌它时,您的个人资料设置为私人正版游戏,然后你要经过的过程中加入他们的血乳酸等,请您帮助我?

  4. Chelsea Says: 切尔西说:

    How do i get my comments to where i don’t have to approve them before they are on my site???如何让我评论的地方,我手边没有批准他们之前,他们对我的网站? ? ?

  5. skittlez Says: skittlez说:

    i always see private myspace but they have a different color or theme then the regular myspace look how do i do that?我一直看到的私人公司,但他们有一个不同的颜色或主题,然后定期MySpace上看看我怎么做呢?

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