Why Using an Online Legal Dictionary is Best 为什么使用在线法律字典是最好的

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The CALI Pre-Law Blog recently discouraged law students from buying a legal dictionary: What Legal Dictionary Should I Buy For Law School?卡利前法律博客最近气馁法律系学生,从购买的是合法辞典: 什么样的法律字典,我应该买法学院?

I generally agree, mostly because of the availability of online law dictionaries .我大致同意,主要是因为提供在线法律字典 。

My Approach . 我的作法 I bought a pocket dictionary for my backpack and the full Black’s Law Dictionary for my desk.我买了一本袖珍字典,为我的背包和充分布莱克法律辞典我的办公桌。 I didn’t use the pocket dictionary after the first few months.我没有用袖珍字典后的最初数个月。 However, I did use it in the first semester until I learned how to use the legal dictionary on WestLaw.不过,我没有用它在第一个学期,直到我学会了如何利用合法的字典上westlaw 。 Also, the pocket dictionary was handy when I didn’t have a laptop next to me, like when sitting in a large comfortable chair at the coffee shop.此外, 袖珍字典是得心应手的时候,我没有笔记型电脑明年对我来说,就像坐在一个大舒服的椅子,在咖啡店。 As for the large Black’s Law Dictionary on my desk—I still have never used it.对于大型布莱克法律辞典对我的案头,我还有从未使用过它。

The Better Approach . 更好的办法 If I could do it all over, I would如果我能做到这一切,我会

  1. not buy the large Black’s Law Dictionary that I never use不买大布莱克法律辞典 ,我从来不使用
  2. only buy the pocket dictionary if I planned to study without my laptop只买袖珍字典 ,如果我打算学习没有我的笔记本电脑
  3. use online legal dictionaries使用在线法律字典

Online Dictionaries . 线上字典 Here are the online legal reference websites I found most useful: Law Dictionaries .这里是网上法律参考网站,我发现最有用的: 法律字典 。

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