Terms and Phrases New Law Students Must Know 字词和词组的新法律,学生必须知道

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Terms New law students encounter an explosion of new words and terms from cases, the law school environment, and the practice of legal research.新的法律系学生遇到爆炸,新的词语,从情况下,法律的学习环境,和实践的法律研究。 I remember my first few weeks of school wondering if I would ever read a case without encountering a word to lookup in my pocket-sized law dictionary.我记得我第一次在数星期的学校不知道如果我看过一宗没有遇到Word来查找在我的口袋大小的法律字典。

Would you like to get a head start on the first semester?您想了解头部开始,第一学期? Harvard Law School identified a few terms as ones you should know in your first few weeks of law school here: HLS Library: One-L Dictionary .哈佛法学院确定了几任,作为你应该知道,在您的前几个星期法学院在这里: 合肥光源图书馆:一升字典 Learn them before school and you will have a head start.了解他们之前,学校和你将有头部的开始。 Plus, you will be able to make more sense of what you hear during your first week.再加上,您将可以使更多的感觉是什么你听到期间,您的第一周。

HLS Library: One-L Dictionary is a short list. 合肥光源图书馆:一升的字典是很短的名单。 This is good because you can learn it quickly before school.这是一件好事,因为你可以了解它前迅速学校。 Also, any attempt to create a comprehensive list of words that law students should know would become very long—and that is the purpose of dictionaries.此外,任何企图建立一个综合性的字词列表法律系学生应该知道会成为很长的-那就是字典的目的。

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