Law School Pressure — When Does it Hit? 法学院的压力-当它击中? How Do I Cope?我要如何应付?

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Exams Kansas City School of Law Professor Barbara Glesner Fines wrote a great article discussing the sources of Law School and Stress , such as—堪萨斯城大法律学院教授芭芭拉格勒斯纳罚款,写了一大条讨论学校,并强调 ,如- Stress

  • feeling pushed to learn massive amounts of information quickly感觉被推到了了解大量的信息迅速
  • the requirement to learn on your own要求要了解自己的
  • the fact that there are often no right answers事实上,他们通常没有正确的答案
  • exam pressure考试压力
  • being socialized into a profession被社会成为一个专业
  • and more更多

It also presents personal sources of stress for law school students, such as—它也介绍了个人的压力源,为法学院的学生,如-

  • lack of time由于缺乏时间
  • lack of money没有钱
  • lack of exercise (too much time sitting)缺乏运动(太多的时间坐在)
  • unhealthy eating不健康的饮食
  • and these sources of stress during other life challenges (engagement, medical treatment, marriage, divorce, raising a family, etc.)这些压力源在其他生命的挑战(接触,就医,结婚,离婚,提高家庭等)

Next, the article also discusses symptoms of law school stress, such as—其次,本文还讨论了症状法学院强调,如-

  • sickness疾病
  • worry担心
  • relationship problems关系问题
  • poor choices穷人的选择
  • anger愤怒
  • depression抑郁症
  • and more更多

Finally, the article presents a valuable four-point plan to deal with law school stress.最后,文章介绍了宝贵的四点计划,以应付法学院的压力。 I wish I had read Law School and Stress before my first year of law school.我想我曾读法学院,并强调之前,我的第一年,法学院。 I believe it would help incoming law students and their loved ones to know what they will be going through and ways to deal with it.我相信这将有助于传入的法律系学生和他们的亲人知道他们将经历,以及如何处理这个问题。

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6 Responses to “Law School Pressure — When Does it Hit? 6回应“法学院的压力-当它击中? How Do I Cope?”我要如何应付? “

  1. Top Law Student » Will Law School Be So Busy I Can’t Do Other Stuff? Says: 顶端法律系学生»将法学院那么繁忙,我不能其他的东西呢?说:

    […] The first year of law school can be very, very busy. [ … … ]的第一年,法学院可以非常,非常忙碌。 Not only is it difficult for most students to keep up with the readings for class, there is always more reading a student can do to try to understand the many deep subjects covered in class.它不仅是困难,对大多数学生配合的读数,为阶级,始终存在着更多的读的学生可以做的尝试了解许多深涵盖的主题在课堂上。 The competition for good grades drives many students to study any free moment they have (which is normally unhealthy).竞争好成绩的驱动器,很多学生学习任何一个自由的时刻,他们(这通常是不健康的) 。 For this reason, most students either 1) don’t find time to do other projects, or 2) try to do the other projects and regret it because they feel overwhelmed or their performance in school suffers.基于这个原因,大部分学生要么1 )不觉得时间做其他项目,或2 )尝试做其他项目和遗憾,因为他们觉得不堪重负,或他们的表现在学校受到影响。 […] [ … … ]

  2. Top Law Student » 1L Advice: Ways a 1L Can Prepare for Law School Says: 顶端法律系学生» 1升的忠告:方式一 1升可以作好准备,法学院说:

    […] Relax and enjoy your new adventure. [ … … ]的放松和享受您的新的冒险。 Congratulate yourself on entering law school.祝贺自己在进入法学院。 Enjoy the ride.享受的旅程。 Related Articles: […]相关文章: [ … … ]

  3. Law School Student Resources » How to Prepare for Law School Exams - 1L, 2L, and 3L, Advice, Outlines, and Exam Tips Says: 法学院学生资源»如何准备法学院考试-1升, 2升, 3升,咨询,概述,和考试的秘诀说

    […] Deal with stress appropriately […] [ … … ]处理压力适当[ … … ]

  4. » Law School Guide - Law School 1L, 2L, and 3L Says: »法学院指南-法学院一升, 2升, 3升说

    […] Law School Pressure — When Does it Hit? [ … … ]法学院的压力-当它击中? How Do I Cope?我要如何应付? […] [ … … ]

  5. Jack Says: 杰克说:

    I’m attending a business law class and it’s driving me nuts already.我出席一个商业法工人阶级和它的驾驶我已经坚果。 There’s so much to memorize and my teacher doesn’t explain anything.有这么多背诵和我的老师没有解释什么。 The exam is beyond simple definitions.考试是超越简单的定义。 Most of my exam questions are application or implication base, which are never discussed in class!!我大部分的考题是申请或暗示基地,这是从未讨论过在课堂上!
    My teacher stand by his decision, I’m prepare to just take a C and forget about it.我的老师的立场,由他的决定,我准备只以C和忘记它。

  6. admin Says: 政府当局说:

    Jack: You’ve raised a good point.杰克:您提出了一个很好的点。 Every law professor has a different style.每一个法学教授有不同的风格。 Have you considered meeting in your professor’s office to run some hypothetical questions by him?你认为,会议在您的教授的办公室,以执行一些假设的问题,由他? In that way, you can see how he would answer and get a better understanding of his style.以这种方式,您可以看到他会如何回答,并得到更深入的了解他的风格。 Of course, this assumes that the problem is one of style.当然,这个假设的问题是其中一个风格。 If the problem is learning the subject, and it’s hard to learn from his style, you might consider (1) learning from another source like a study aid or hornbook, or (2) dropping the class, which might be better than having a low grade.如果问题是学习的主题,它的努力学习,从他的风格,你可能会考虑( 1 )学习从另一个来源一样,研究援助或hornbook ,或( 2 )下降的阶级,这可能是较有低品位。 Either way, I realize it’s frustrating.无论采用哪种方式,我知道它的令人沮丧。

    If it helps, know that a large number of law students encounter at least one law professor that they don’t connect with.有帮助的话,知道了大量的法律系学生遇到至少一法学教授认为,他们不连接。 Maybe that’s just human nature.也许这只是人性。 The good news is, you can be sure to never take this professor again.好消息是,你可以肯定,决不采取这教授再次。

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