Law School Graduate Auctions His Law Degree

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This article has been removed due to concern over its accuracy.

Concord Online Law School

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Is Concord Law School a good law school? Is Concord Law School a good option among online law schools? Is Concord Law School approved/accredited by the ABA? These questions and more are answered here. Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Online Law Schools: Benefits and Disadvantages

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There is a growing interest in online law schools, so I’m going to write some articles to guide people considering attending a correspondence law school online. Fortunately, law school today provides a number of options. Read the rest of this Law Student article »


Law Schools & Law Students in the News

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The holidays are almost here! Many of you are already done with finals. It’s time to relax, sit back, and enjoy the break. You’ve worked hard; you earned it.

Brain-Free Reading

As you kick into relaxation mode, here are some news stories that don’t require any thinking. While you were preparing for finals and in finals, some law students and law schools were making the news. Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Add the Chewbacca Defense to Your Courtroom Arsenal

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Who says you can’t learn anything of value from SouthPark? Besides, during finals, a little distraction is necessary for sanity. In that vein, you may enjoy this video demonstrating a cutting-edge trial tactic. Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Law School Exam Preparation

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Law school exams are upon us. It’s time to make an exam schedule, do some law school practice exams, make your outlines, and possibly review other law outlines.

You may also be interested in these law school exam tips previously published on Law Student, and in particular, this list of law school exam tips. Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Best Law Student Blogs Contest

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The ABA Journal is taking votes on which law blog is the best in the country. Part of the contest includes law student blogs.

The fact that Law Student wasn’t named in the contest continues to shock law students around the globe. This fact also raises questions about the credibility of the entire contest. But I digress…

The contest features a number of interesting and unique law student blogs:

Overheard in Law School centers around an especially amusing and creative topic: the blog features submissions from law students across the nation and the strange quotes they have overheard from law students or law school professors.

Nuts & Boalts is a blog from a Berkeley law student. It covers Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Most Law Graduates Dissappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress

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There seems to be a growing problem among law school graduates and new attorneys. They can’t find law jobs, the jobs they find don’t pay enough to repay law school loans, and the jobs require unhealthy amounts of hours doing the type of work that many lawyers find unsatisfying, or worse.

The number of law school graduates continues to increase must faster than the number of law jobs available. The supply of law graduates is high, but the demand has not kept pace.

As a result, law school graduates who did not graduate in the top 10% of a Tier 1 law school are having great difficulty getting Read the rest of this Law Student article »

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