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How to Prepare for Law School Exams

Here is a collection of tips for law students who want to get a head start on preparing for exams: Make an exam schedule Do practice exams Get your personal life in order Consider whether a study group would help you Learn tips from past students Determine whether a Hornbook would help you Learn how [...]

Private MySpace Comments are Not Private

Your private page may not be as private as you thought. Here you can learn how to view private MySpace pages and concerns about your privacy. Recently we discussed the reasons for law students to Delete Your MySpace Page if it contains content not intended for a professional community of attorneys and potential clients. [...]

Reminder for 3Ls: Submit Your Judicial Clerkship Applications Soon

Don’t forget to be checking the judicial clerkships websites if you are a 3L and interested in serving as a judicial clerk after law school graduation. Federal court clerkships continue to be posted as courts announce their openings. State court clerkships vary state-to-state. For more information and links to judicial clerkship websites, visit this article: [...]

How to Seek a Higher Salary After a Low Job Offer

If you are a law student who served as a summer associate this year, you are probably waiting to hear if the firm will extend to you a job offer. Unlike businesses that post job openings, law firms operate under different rules in the hiring process. One difference is in the counteroffer. In business, a [...]


These are the online legal reference websites I found most useful to law school students: Legal Terms and Definitions: Dictionary – A legal dictionary (Law School Rating: Excellent) Dictionary – A legal dictionary (Law School Rating: Excellent) – A legal dictionary (Law School Rating: Excellent) JURIST – Legal dictionary (Law School Rating: [...]

Why Using an Online Legal Dictionary is Best

The CALI Pre-Law Blog recently discouraged law students from buying a legal dictionary: What Legal Dictionary Should I Buy For Law School? I generally agree, mostly because of the availability of online law dictionaries. My Approach. I bought a pocket dictionary for my backpack and the full Black’s Law Dictionary for my desk. I didn’t [...]

Why Buying Old Casebook Editions is Stupid

CALI’s Pre-Law Blog recently discouraged students from buying old casebooks. I agree—Old casebooks may save a few dollars, but if that leads to a lower grade on a final exam, it’s not worth it. Although there are exceptions, old casebooks generally will be missing cases provided in the new casebook include old cases removed from [...]

Should I Join a Study Group in Law School?

Some law students say study groups are a waste of time, such as this student. Others consider them valuable, such as this student. I. What is a Study Group? I would define a “law school study group” as a routine meeting of students to discuss cases or concepts covered in class. In other words, this [...]

How to Make a Good Impression at Law School Orientation

Your friends may give you good advice about law school orientation. But this advice from the perspective of a professor seemed especially helpful: Law School Orientation Advice. Written by a Mississippi College School of Law professor, the article adds a touch of humor when explaining how you can make a good impression despite the natural [...]

What Law Students Wish They Would Have Known

The Wish I Would Have Known blog publishes advice for new law students—advice that the authors wish they would have known before starting law school. Although it hasn’t had new information in about a month, the advice there is useful: The most recent article covers the following topics : Why haven’t I gotten my financial [...]

How Law Students Benefit from Hornbooks

What Are Hornbooks? Undergraduate students may think of a Hornbook as similar to regular college textbook. A hornbook explains the legal doctrine subject by subject, which is different from law school casebooks that explain the law by presenting cases that deal with each topic. Are Hornbooks Like Study Aids? In a way, hornbooks are like [...]

The Best Law Student Resource

If you are a new law student with questions about how to brief a case, study strategies, job hunting, and much more, check out this resource. What I liked most about it was how each section was for a different period in law school so that, like, you get the advice you need when [...]

You Can Spend Your Lexis Points on

Did you know Lexis allows you to spend your points* on Spending your Lexis points on doesn’t double the points’ value (like you would have buying their study-aids from their website), but it does let you buy more products than those listed on their website. For example, you could use Lexis points to [...]

Free Law School Outlines – 1L, 2L, and 3L recently starting posting links to web sites with free law school outlines. Outlines are helpful to review before the semester starts, consult as needed during the semester, and use as study aids during exam preparation. These internet study aids are not as reliable as commercial outlines, but they’re great for quick access when you [...]

Law Outlines

Here is a list of links to free law school outlines updated on October 19, 2008. However, keep in mind that commercial law school outlines are more reliable and are updated more frequently so they remain current. Commercial outlines are listed near the bottom. These free law school outlines cover all possible law school course [...]

Set Your MySpace Page to ‘Private’

The recent article, Delete Your MySpace Page, left out an important option: You can set your MySpace page to “private” so only those you approve can read the contents of your page. This seems like a great way that you can keep your MySpace page and stay in touch with friends, while preventing your MySpace [...]

1L Advice: Ways a 1L Can Prepare for Law School

Here is a list, in no particular order, of some things you can do now to prepare for starting law school this fall: Pack your backpack Prepare your computer Maybe take a Law School Prep Course Learn a few law school terms and phrases Buy your law school books online to ensure you have them [...]

Delete Your MySpace Page

Should law students delete their page? Like any good law student would say: “It depends.” If you have a MySpace page, there are some very important questions you should consider to protect your career and privacy. 

Should I Get an Online Law School Degree?

Update: Here are some additional resources on online law schools and online law degrees. Have you ever wondered whether online law schools are scams? To date, the American Bar Association has not approved any online law schools. Recently, advertisements on Law Student have included Google ads for online law degrees. We can’t easily prevent these [...]

1L Advice: What to Put in Your Backpack

Here is a list of some things to consider putting in your backpack as your prepare for law school: A few black pens A blue and red pen for when you need your writing to stand out A few highlighters

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