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Online law schools in CA? (3 posts)

  • Started 4 months ago by amyrrhielle
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  1. I'm planning to go to law school, but I can't be a full-time student and I can't afford the tuition fees of ABA law schools. My general aim is to work in a legal aid service or in the federal government, e.g. SSA or HHS, as I am a registered nurse and might help in different aspects of health care law.

    Would online law school be a good option for me?

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  2. Amy,

    It seems like your main concern is the cost of ABA law schools. First, you should know that, if your income is low enough, you can get student loans for the entire amount of law school tuition plus loans for some living expenses. The loans would be a combination of federal loans and alternative loans. So you don't have to worry about money in the short term, but of course you would be paying off the loans after you get your first job after law school.

    The benefits of ABA law schools include:
    * a stronger resume and better chance of finding jobs
    * classes with other students and in-class interaction
    * being able to practice law in any state in the nation (not just California) when you graduate law school
    * you don't have to take the Baby Bar exam after your first year of law school (required for non-ABA schools)

    Of course, an ABA school is more expensive and less flexible (you must attend class on a regular schedule), but the concern over having money for tuition can be remedied by student loans.

    This isn't an advertisement for ABA law schools. I think online law schools are great for the right situation. However, you must decide which one is right for you, and the reduced cost of online law schools comes with some limitations (e.g. where you can practice law) and risks (e.g. finding jobs).

    You may want to read about law school online with these articles I wrote discussing online law school, online law school accreditation, online law school courses, and the purported ABA approved online law schools: and

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  3. NoReinsGirl

    Amy, I'm going to Lincoln and its a CBA school. I'll work full-time while I do this. Currently, I work for the State of California and intend on being Staff Counsel when I'm finished with school. It's doable and I'm paying out of pocket as I go.

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