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How do law students have time for relationships? (3 posts)

  1. Erik

    I keep hearing that law students are so busy, have to study all the time, etc. My question is, how do you maintain a life and relationships while in law school if you are so busy and the competition is so high?

    Posted: 8 months #
  2. Erik, good question. This can be difficult.

    Most law students I know maintain relationships with a few key people in their lives (family or friends) and hope that the others understand how busy they are. Honestly, it can be tough. Of course, it also depends on your priorities, and some students make more time for socializing than others.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this?

    Posted: 8 months #
  3. Ebs

    I am a 1L student and I think I have learnt my lesson in priorities and will now put my part time job and friends after my studies. I have missed my best friends birthday dinner, family gatherings and many more birthdays and farewell parties etc etc.
    Its hard when they make you feel guilty for not attending but I guess thay dont understand.

    Posted: 3 days #

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