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  1. sez

    I believe that this website is american best but i thought the advice would be simular. Im currently at college (the stage before university in the UK.) I have always thought I would study Law at uni, however Im concerned with a number of things. Althoughi am a strong reader I dont always enjoy it, would this be a suggestion that I'm not 'right' to study law. Nor do i enjoy small group tutions, however i do believe this will depend on where I study. I have also been told by a number of people that law is borring? obviously this is subject to opinion but i would like some guidance. Thanks.

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  2. blawdill

    I cannot say if law school is right for you. However, there is tons of reading. A lot more than regular college. You have to do case briefs (usually 20-40 a week). They are like mini book reports in FIRAC format. You have to read your commercial outlines, read your MBE practice questions, possibly flash cards, etc. If you want to do well, you cannot be lazy. When I went to undergraduate school, I skipped a lot of the reading and still maintained a 3.8 GPA. Cant say that I would be able to do that in law school.

    As far as it being boring, I guess that depends on if you like law and legal issues. I personally do, so I actually enjoy law school.

    Best of luck

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  3. Ebs

    I am a Law student in Australia and I find it to be alot of reading and an exam that is worth 90% but not really alot of work as in assesments. Just keep up with readings and attend tutes and prepare for them then you will be fine.

    good luck

    Posted: 3 days #

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