Law Student’s Summer Plan

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One law student writes, “What should I do in the summer to prepare for law school this fall?” In general, law students will want to » FULL STORY

Law School Challenges, What are Yours?

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As a law student, what is the most challenging aspect of law school for you? What makes life during law school difficult?

Is it that you have no time, you have little money, the competition in law school is stressful, relationships are difficult during law school, attorney job hunting is competitive, or the constant criticism in law school becomes too much to bear? Here is a list. Which one has been your biggest challenge? » FULL STORY

How to Do Legal Research at the Law Library

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One of the secrets to success in law school is knowing where to find an answer, and find it quickly. Lawyers aren’t expected to know the answer to every legal question, but they are expected to know where to find the answers.

Hours of legal research can be wasted if law students look in the wrong books. One key to success in law school studying and legal research is knowing where to look for an answer.

To find an answer quickly, a law student must (1) know the resources in a law library, (2) know which resource is best for a law student’s particular question, and finally, know how to use that resource.

I learned this approach from law review editors when I served on law review. I still use this approach as an attorney today.

Where to Start

Some law students start their research by searching cases in WestLaw. Normally this is a big waste of time. Law students can spend hours reading through cases that match a search criterion without ever finding a case that answers their question.

Although research should end by finding a primary authority (case or statute) that answers your research question, the best place to start is » FULL STORY


Interview with Concord Law School Graduate

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The following is an interview I had with a graduate of Concord Law School, which is an online law school now affiliated with Kaplan University. I have broken the interview into sections so you can jump to the section that interests you most. » FULL STORY

Law Schools & Law Students in the News

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The holidays are almost here! Many of you are already done with finals. It’s time to relax, sit back, and enjoy the break. You’ve worked hard; you earned it.

Brain-Free Reading

As you kick into relaxation mode, here are some news stories that don’t require any thinking. While you were preparing for finals and in finals, some law students and law schools were making the news. » FULL STORY

How to Buy Law School Books Cheap

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You want to save money buying law school books? I’ve searched the internet and talked to countless friends to find the best ways to buy law school books for cheap without compromising value. Here is what I found. » FULL STORY

Two Great Law Student Blogs

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A while back, I asked why some law students decided to start a blog.* Two law students posted excellent answers to the question.

Part-time Law Mom wrote her answer here. She explained:

I had spent months combing law student blogs trying to find blogs by part-time law student mothers with kids. The only great blog I found existed through the author’s first year before she ended it. I decided that I would start a blog in order to both chronicle this adventure and also to help other mothers who might be considering law school in addition to a full-time job.

The Frugal Law Student wrote his answer here. He explained his reasons for starting a blog:

After a few years of being an avid blog reader, I decided to start my own. Because I was big fan of personal finance blogs and law school blogs, I thought I would marry the two and create a blog dedicated to helping law students mitigate their crippling law school debt. I figured it would be a good way to keep track and hold me accountable for how I managed my finances in during law school

My reason for starting a blog was similar. I wanted to read a blog by other law students and couldn’t find any. In particular, I wanted a blog with tips for doing better in law school.

Learning Law School Success from Others

As a 1L, I was constantly finding ways to improve my performance. I wished I could have learned these law school tips from the beginning rather than through the “school of hard knocks.”

Law School Tips

Since that time, I have happily encountered many law student blogs. Some of those blogs had law school tips, but none of them focused exclusively on law school tips. If you search the archives here, you will find many of the law school tips I found along with some of my own.

Publicize Your Law Student Blog Here

If you want your law student blog featured here, stay tuned. My next plan with Law Student .TV is to find a way to promote the blogs of other law students.

You can already promote your law school blog posts at School Blog Vote using its law school student section, but I’m working on another option that could further promote law students’ blogs. Come back soon for more details.

In the meantime, you could add some more interesting blog posts to your law school blog, so that when visitors arrive in a few weeks, they have more interesting material to read.

*NOTE: I promised to link to the blogs of whoever answered. My delay is inexcusable, but it relates to having a baby and taking the bar exam. I am finally making good on that promise. Thanks to the authors of these great law school blogs for their patience.

Law School has Law Student Blog Directory

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Regent University School of Law has a web page listing its law students’ blogs. This was the first time I had seen a law school that published a list of blogs run by its law students.

Does your law school have a blog directory listing law students’ blogs? If so, please leave a comment here with the link for other law students to enjoy.

Free 1L Review Courses

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Legal Andrew just launched a contest that might be of interest to law students. Through a partnership with Law Study Systems, law students can get free licenses to their Essentials review courses (a $90 value).

There are two ways to enter:

  1. write a blog review (you must have a blog) OR
  2. post a comment response (anyone can do this)

Every blog review wins a license to all 3 of the courses. A random winner will be drawn from the comment entries.Here is the blog review post: Free Law School Review Courses – Calling 1L Bloggers

Here is the first comment post (3 others coming soon): What 1L Contract Topic Worries You? – FREE Review Course

How Much are New Lawyers’ Salaries?

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Wonder how much you can earn when you graduate from law school? NALP surveyed law school graduates from 1992 to 2006 and published what the average attorney was paid.

The numbers are interesting. In 2006, the average starting salary for an attorney at a small firm (2-10 attorneys) was $50,000. The average starting salary for an attorney at a large firm (over 500 attorneys) was $135,000.

It is worth noting that the survey covers a large geographic area, so some adjustment is necessary for your local region. If you are in a small city, rural area, or city overpopulated by law schools, the average salary for your area may be less than the survey average. If you are starting in New York, or some other top paid city, the average salary for your area may be more than the survey average.

I suppose the results could be further criticized for being unscientific in one way or another. However, as a general guide to new associate salaries, the survey results are enlightening.

To see the survey results, visit NALP’s What Do New Lawyers Earn?

11-23-07 Update: This article has been updated. Please read Many Law Graduates Disappointed: Few Jobs, Low Salaries, High Stress. For help finding the law job that is right for you, visit our law jobs section.

A note from a reader:

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Get Great Law School Grades without Reading as Many Cases

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To get good grades, do you have to read the cases? How much should I use law school subject outlines? These are questions that many law students wonder.

Curious about these questions, I did an informal poll » FULL STORY


1L Law School Tips and Blogs

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Law student's first day of class - law school blogs and tipsWelcome to school first-year law students!

You are about to experience a surge of conflicting emotions: excitement, fear, insecurity, intrigue, stress, pride, and ultimately, relief when it is all over. The worst part may be not knowing how to handle every challenge that is thrown at you.

However, the reason law school is like this is probably because the practice of law is like this to some degree. That is, practicing law, at least most areas of the law, requires constant learning. The bad new is, some people do not enjoy life-long learning. The good news is, the longer you work, the more you have learned and the more valuable you become.

But if you don’t like law school, don’t give up hope, because most attorneys agree that law school is much less enjoyable than the practice of law. In fact, law school is down-right painful, especially around the time of law school exams.

As you begin your law school journey, congratulate yourself for having made it this far. To equip you for the ride, here is a large collection of good law school tips and a few law school blogs that might be of interest to new law students. I also recommend these law school books.

Law school tips:

Law School Blogs:

Cool Way for Law School, Med School, Seminary and MBA Students to Promote Their Blogs

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UPDATE: The website referenced here,, no longer exists.

If you have a blog and you are a law student, medical student, seminary student, or MBA student, maybe you posted your blog posts on in hopes of getting thousands of visitors to your blog, getting filthy rich, and retiring to Silicon Valley.

Unfortunately, Digg caters to geek topics, and despite the fact that most graduate schools have plenty of geeks, it’s really tough to get a popular post on Digg.

As a side note, the only post from TopLawStudent that made it big on Digg was this one, and Digg sent over 7,000 visits in two hours, which crashed our law school blog for the rest of the day.

A possible solution has arrived: School Blog Vote is a new site where students can post their own blogs and vote on other students’ blogs.


The benefit of School Blog Vote to student readers is—students can find great websites, blogs, and blog posts of interest to students.

The benefit of School Blog Vote to student bloggers is—more people will find their blog. And that means increased visitor traffic, something every student blogger desires.

Categories for Various Post-Graduate Students

School Blog Vote is categorized into sections for law students, medical school students, MBA students, seminary students, and undergraduate students. This is nice because seminary students probably have little interest in res ipsa loquitur. Of course, seminary students can always check out the law student section for juicy gossip, such as the law student who got naked for Playboy (news story).

Anonymous Voting

One nice feature of School Blog Vote is that the site allows voting without having to create an account first. Once you’ve voted, you can’t vote again (and artificially drive up the votes). This appears to be tied to your IP address, so in theory, students could login to mulitiple computers and vote multiple times. But seriously, how many students have that much free time? Okay, maybe some do, but I presume the administrators at School Blog Vote have a way of taking care of that. Anyway, I like that you don’t have to login to vote.

However, you do have to login to post to the site, which I suppose is necessary to prevent spam (no, I don’t want to read about “Buy Viagra Online” or “XXX Paris Hilton photos”).


School Blog Vote is a great idea. It is also a new idea. The problem with new ideas on the web are 1) they may not have much traffic for a while and 2) they may never have much traffic.

Still, I think it’s a great idea for a few reasons. I have a hard time finding other law students’ blogs, and I presume that medical students, MBA students, seminary students, and undergrads might have the same problem. It’s even more difficult to find good blogs. At School Blog Vote, the good posts rise to the top based on reader’s votes.

Also, a site like this gives students an incentive to start a blog, since students can see the best of what other students are writing.

Finally, School Blog Vote rewards students who blog by driving traffic to their blogs, which often generates income through Adsense, Chitika, or other blog advertising programs.

See For Yourself

So if you you support the idea of encouraging students to blog, or if you are a blogger who wants more visitors, check out School Blog Vote.

Funny Law School Apparel

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Want to wear some law school apparel? It’s not easy to find clothes with a law school theme. But find these shirts and countless others at Cafe Press:

Often, law school apparel is not the most stylish (but as we all know, that isn’t a problem for most law students). But these clothes are funny and interesting, and are sure to amuse family and friends, and maybe make a law school professor smirk when she sees them.


Tips for Pre-Law Students Preparing for Law School

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Pre-law students are getting ready for their big day, the first day in law school. Here are a few tips to be prepared for that first day of law school.

Before law school starts, learn a few things:

Buy what you need for law school:

Prepare for your computer needs:

Once you start law school:

Law School Goal Setting

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Now is a great time to consider ways to improve your law school performance. Legal Andrew identified some good ideas on law school goal setting for this coming next semester.

A note from a reader:

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Law Student Launches Law School Tips Blog

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Here is a great new blog for students who are new to law school or other law students interested in law school tips: What I Learned in Law School. In particular, check out this list of tips: Law School Rant.

Save Money Buying Law School Books

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There are a couple ways to save money when buying law school casebooks and study aids.

First, buy used law school casebooks and study aids at places like,,,,, and eBay’s

Second, see if some of your friends have taken your upcoming law school course and buy or borrow their books.

In addition, here are a few coupons:

5 Potential Pitfalls of Part-Time Law School

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If you’re considering attending part time law school, here’s a short list of things you might want to consider first. Read more.

Best Law School Notetaking Software (for PC)

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After my first law school semester, a friend tried to convince me to leave Microsoft Word and instead take notes with Microsoft OneNote 2003 (Old Version). I refused. Finally, I decided to give OneNote a try as a 2L. I had no idea it would be this good.

OneNote has every feature that a student would use in Microsoft Word plus so much more!

Record Your Professor Synchronized to Your Notes. One of the coolest features is how it can record your professor while you take notes. Then later when you click on a note, you can play the audio of your professor talking exactly when you typed that note. So on take-home exams, you can just scan your notes for key concepts on your exam and re-listen to your professor discuss those concepts.

Search Your Audio Recordings. The new version, OneNote 2007, includes a feature to scan your audio recording for » FULL STORY

Advice for Pre-Law Students: Applying to Law School

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Do you have friends who are hoping to apply to law school? Here are a couple good websites that pre-law students often miss:

Summer Listening: Law School Podcasts

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During the summer, some law students listen to Sum & Substance CDs to prepare for fall classes. Others let their ears take a complete break from the law. For law students who find themselves somewhere inbetween, here is a list of some thought-provoking lectures from some of America’s top law schools. They are available for download to listen on your computer or iPod.

For more information on podcasts or podcasts of interest to law students, visit these articles:

A note from a reader:
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