How New Lawyers Can Stand Out

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Here are some good articles from Findlaw with advice for new lawyers:

Your First Years as a Lawyer: An Owner’s Manual

  1. Introduction – Your First Years as a Lawyer “Why is satisfaction such an issue with lawyers?. Do accountants or physicians or goat-herders also worry about their vocations and their places in them?”
  2. The Search for Satisfaction – “New lawyers should not be concerned with job satisfaction. OK … Got your attention?!”
  3. Firms? Public-interest? Government? In-house? Where to Practice? – “Law firms are the norm. That’s where the clients are, that’s where the salaries are, and that’s where the prestige still is. Is that where job satisfaction is?
  4. Planting Yourself in the Right (but not necessarily Firm) Soil – “Finding the right place…for you. Many lawyers find themselves doing work that does not take advantage of their talents.The first decision you must make — in an affirmative way — is to decide whether litigation or a transactional practice is more appropriate for you. This is a basic question, but it’s amazing how little thought goes into it for many.”
  5. Balancing your Office Life…with your Personal One – A new lawyer must be careful to channel stresses and frustrations away from clients and seniors. … Exercise and hobbies are useful options.

Fifteen Rules for Winning as a Junior Associate – “This article is intended to pass along some real-world advice about how you can win as a junior associate. It is the sort of advice that I wish I had had when I began my legal career.”

Findlaw has a number of other good articles for all attorneys.

If you are still searching for that first job to launch your legal career, check out our law jobs section.

Law School Blog Posts You Might Like #1

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Here are a few blog posts I recently came across that law students might enjoy:

How Lawyers in Philadelphia Effectively Use Web Marketing

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Law school teaches lawyers a lot of valuable skills — but those skills rarely include marketing. This is somewhat surprising considering the vital role that marketing plays in client acquisition. How are you at marketing yourself? What can you do to improve? Read the rest of this Law Student article »


Tips for Law Students Preparing Job Applications

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Many third-year law students are seeking employment for after they take the bar. Second-year law students may be hoping to line up a summer job. Even 1Ls should see if they can find a law-related job for this summer. This means now is the perfect time to prepare your job application packet and apply to jobs before your semester gets too busy.

For general advice on resumes, cover letters, and interviews, the University of Georgia School of Law has a good list of tips. Also, I found these instructions for writing a legal cover letter useful. Finally, here are some sample cover letters.

You may also enjoy Georgetown’s Graduate Professional Development FAQs and LLM Resource Manual.� Although they are for LLM students, most of the advice is equally applicable to law students. For international LLM students, the University of Virginia Law School has a shorter handbook with tips and advice.

Additionally, most law schools have a career services office with many resources — so visit them if you haven’t already.

Networking Guide for Law School Students & New Attorneys

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I. Law School Student Networking

As law students start the new year, many are using the break from school to find a law job for after they graduate. Networking plays an important role in helping law students obtain jobs. Skills in networking also help after being hired as new attorneys seek to acquire clients for their firm, something they will do for the remainder of their careers.

How do you start? Networking involves three steps: Read the rest of this Law Student article »

How to Use Law Student Business Cards

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Law students who are looking for a job or networking to build their professional network may wonder how law students can use business cards effectively.�The Legal Andrew blog had a good article on Business Cards for Law Students, which linked to another good article�with advice for all students.

You can order free business cards at VistaPrint for the price of shipping, if you don’t mind the VistaPrint logo/message on the back.

This Law Student has Great Tips

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LegalAndrew.comI’m always on the lookout for blogs with tips and advice for law students. Today I noticed the Legal Andrew blog linking to a TopLawStudent article. The Legal Andrew blog has a number of great articles for other law students:

For the job hunt, Legal Andrew has these good career advice articles:

Judicial Clerkships Ranked by Prestige

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Are you considering a judicial clerkship and wonder which courts are considered most prestigious? I’ve talked with attorneys at large firms, court clerks, and professors. Below is the result of my small (unscientific) survey listing the most prestigious first.

Judicial Clerkships Ranked by Prestige

1. U.S. Supreme Court
2. Circuit Court of Appeals
3. Federal District Court — tied with — State Supreme Court
5. Federal Magistrate Court — tied with — State Court of Appeals
7. Federal Bankruptcy Court
8. State District Court

Please note, some clarifications are required. First, not everyone will agree with this list. In particular, people have different opinions about whether one tied item is actually higher than the other.

Second, the list doesn’t take into consideration an individual student’s plans. For example, a student seeking a career in bankruptcy or state court practice would probably prefer Federal Bankruptcy Court or a state court, respectively, over a Federal District Court.

Third, any ranking of these opportunities may be unfair. Clerkships at any type of court have great educational value. I understand that clerking for a trial court is extremely valuable because trial court clerks experience the mechanics of court, motions, evidence, and the excitement of litigation at its most fundamental level.

Finally, I talked to under ten people, so these could be wrong. If you have a different opinion, please leave a comment here so other law students can benefit from your advice.

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