What Law School Scholarships are Available?

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A person considering law school recently asked:

What law school scholarships are available?

This person was concerned about her ability to pay the cost of law school. Here was my answer:

Of course, you can get law school loans to help defray the cost of law school. That’s how most law students pay for law school. Setting loans aside, law school scholarships are available to some students to help cover the cost of law school and reduce the overall size of your potential law school debt.

There are three types of scholarships: academic based, Read the rest of this Law Student article »

How Long Should I Prepare for the LSAT?

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A student preparing to take the LSAT recently asked:

How long should I spend preparing for the LSAT?

The LSAT is designed so students can’t prepare for it. That is, it will not test your knowledge, it will test your ability to analyze and comprehend what you read in the test.� As a result, people spend far less time preparing for the LSAT than other advanced degree exams (e.g. GMAT or MCAT).

To prepare for the LSAT, I suggest you practice by taking old LSAT exams (some are posted for free on the LSAT website and others can be purchased as part of LSAT preparation books) once a week for 6-8 weeks before the exam.

This time period will help you become familiar with the LSAT’s format. Also, you should be sure you know how to write out the puzzles/games presented in the LSAT.� If you need help with this, an LSAT prep book can be useful.

How long did you spend studying and practicing for the LSAT? If you have any advice, please add it here for other students.

Should I Mass Mail My CV to Law Firms?

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This video begins by presenting the honest reality about the law school job hunt: you are on your own. No one is going to find the job for you, even your school’s career services office.

The video then suggests that you get your resume/CV out to as many law firms as possible. While I agree with this advice, I think students who have a lot of connections in the legal industry would be better served by first focusing time on those connections before mass-mailing law firms. For law students without connections, it is simple math: the more firms that received your resume, the more chances you have of finding an employer who likes Read the rest of this Law Student article »


Law School Documentary Captures Life as a Law Student

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The Trials of Law School is a documentary about the United States law school system.

The 2 minute trailer presented here gives a glimpse into the law school experience. The documentary seems to accurately capture what law school is all about. It shows a variety of law students in a variety of life experiences—along with the joys and pains of law school.

YouTube Preview Image

The documentary features Patrick Schiltz, Randy Barnett, Rob Miller, Angela Davis, Taunya Banks, Elizabeth Warren, Ruth McKinney, Mark Tushnet, Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Should I Go to Law School?

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Law school and the practice of law is very different from what TV presents and most people think.

Maybe you are wondering whether law school is right for you. This may be one of the most important decisions you will make related to Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Talk with Law Students, Pre-Law Students

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Lately I’ve received a number of questions about law school. Most of the questions come from high school or college students who are considering law school.

For example, people have asked:

  • What is the process to get into law school?
  • Will having a photographic memory help me get into law school?
  • What LSAT score do I need to get into the top 5 law schools?
  • I am in (fill-in-the-blank) minority category—will that help me get into law school?

Law school students have less questions, but they want to exchange ideas:

  • I’m in a study group, but it seems like a waste of time. Maybe I should quit.
  • I’m not sure about creating my own outline when I can buy a professional outline and study that.
  • I am behind in my reading. I don’t know what to do.
  • Some law students annoy me because they…

For these reasons, I set up a simple way to exchange ideas, ask questions, and discuss law school: a law school forum.

Whether you have questions to learn more about law school or want to connect with others to discuss law school subjects, start up the conversation with your thoughts or questions. I will try to respond to your post within 24 hours, so you will get a quick response. Feel free to bring up any law school subject. The forums cover three general time periods:

  1. Before Law School � LSAT, Admissions, Applications, and Pre-Law Questions
  2. During Law School � Exams, Study Tips, Grades, Strategies, Study Groups, Life as a Law Student
  3. After Law School � Bar Exam, Law Jobs, Salaries, Attorney Careers, Life as a Lawyer

Join the discussion: Law Student Forum.

Would You Discuss Law School Online?

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I am thinking about creating a forum on this blog so I could answer people’s questions about law school.

A forum would also let readers discuss law school topics. I wondered what you, the readers, thought about the idea.

The forum would let

  • potential law students and 1Ls ask questions
  • experienced law students add their opinion

What do you think? Would you use it? Cast your vote here:


UPDATE: Thanks to the thousands (millions?) of law students who voted from around the globe. In response to popular demand, this law school blog now has a place for you to discuss law school topics with others: the Law Student Forum.

Attorney Salaries Fail to Keep Up with Law Student Loan Debt

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Legal commentators continue to discuss concerns over the increasing number of law students, the increasing amount of student loan debt, and the harsh reality that most new lawyers don’t make a six figure income.

“Poor lawyers” seems like an oxymoron, but many new attorneys will admit Read the rest of this Law Student article »

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