Law School Goal Setting

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Now is a great time to consider ways to improve your law school performance. Legal Andrew identified some good ideas on law school goal setting for this coming next semester.

A note from a reader:

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Law Student Launches Law School Tips Blog

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Here is a great new blog for students who are new to law school or other law students interested in law school tips: What I Learned in Law School. In particular, check out this list of tips: Law School Rant.

Save Money Buying Law School Books

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There are a couple ways to save money when buying law school casebooks and study aids.

First, buy used law school casebooks and study aids at places like,,,,, and eBay’s

Second, see if some of your friends have taken your upcoming law school course and buy or borrow their books.

In addition, here are a few coupons:


Legal Research and Writing Tips for Law School

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The Volokh Conspiracy published tips from a number of readers on topics of interest to law school students:

See also Law School Legal Research Tips and How to Improve Legal Writing in Law School.

Should I Save My Law School Books?

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Law students often wonder if they should keep their law school textbooks and study aids. They think they might be useful for the bar exam or a helpful reference once practicing law. Law students may also feel bad that they are getting rid of textbooks with so many helpful notes in the margins. This article explains why law students should not keep their old books. Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Best Law School Notetaking Software (for PC)

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After my first law school semester, a friend tried to convince me to leave Microsoft Word and instead take notes with Microsoft OneNote 2003 (Old Version). I refused. Finally, I decided to give OneNote a try as a 2L. I had no idea it would be this good.

OneNote has every feature that a student would use in Microsoft Word plus so much more!

Record Your Professor Synchronized to Your Notes. One of the coolest features is how it can record your professor while you take notes. Then later when you click on a note, you can play the audio of your professor talking exactly when you typed that note. So on take-home exams, you can just scan your notes for key concepts on your exam and re-listen to your professor discuss those concepts.

Search Your Audio Recordings. The new version, OneNote 2007, includes a feature to scan your audio recording for Read the rest of this Law Student article »

Summer Listening: Law School Podcasts

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During the summer, some law students listen to Sum & Substance CDs to prepare for fall classes. Others let their ears take a complete break from the law. For law students who find themselves somewhere inbetween, here is a list of some thought-provoking lectures from some of America’s top law schools. They are available for download to listen on your computer or iPod.

For more information on podcasts or podcasts of interest to law students, visit these articles:

A note from a reader:
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Why Do Some Law Students Have a Blog?

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UPDATE: Real Lawyers Have Blogs says that one law school graduate landed a job with a large firm by blogging.

NOTE: If you are a law student or attorney with a blog, please see the offer to promote your blog at the end of this post.**

As blogging becomes more popular, it is inevitable that law students will increasingly become bloggers. Still, this may be a little surprising considering the immense time pressures that law students face. However, maybe it is exactly that pressure that entices law students to have a blog. That is, maybe writing to a blog is a release of tension, much like journaling used to be.

Blogs can also be a form of marketing. For example, Andrew Flusche started his blog, Read the rest of this Law Student article »

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