Is a High Paying Lawyer Job Still Possible?

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Those who are considering law school may have heard the recent conversation in the legal community about how there are too many law students, too few attorney jobs, and the pay is much lower than many law students expected.

Does that mean there are no dream jobs left? No.  Rather, there are just less of them.

The lesson for potential law students is this: go to law school if you believe you will enjoy

  1. being an attorney or
  2. using your law degree in another job you will enjoy.

However, do not go to law school because

  1. you want to make a lot of money (few recent law school grads do) or
  2. other motives that do not relate to loving legal work.

Before you give up three years of your life and $200,000 for law school, consider talking with some attorneys or possibly even shadowing them for a few hours. Learn what the job is really like

As you probably know, real lawyer jobs are nothing like lawyers on TV. Lawyers on TV have excitement, action, and intrigue. In real life, most of an attorney’s day is analyzing information and drafting documents.

If you still have dreams about working at a large law firm, here is a good blog post. This is an honest look at a recent law school graduate who found an attorney job at a big firm, and one who did not. A Tale of Two Law Students: One Summering at Cravath, The Other Still Searching For a Job.


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