How Does a Law Internship Help?

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There’s no doubt that law school is a tough proposition for even the brightest of minds; but what’s even tougher is the real world. When you graduate, the legal practice is waiting to swallow you up, and if you’re not prepared, it could chew you up and spit you out all battered and bruised. You need to know how to survive first before you think of achieving success, and one of the best ways to do this is to take up an internship before you graduate from law school. Besides the invaluable experience, internships are advantageous because:

  • An internship may help you earn credits towards your course. Check with the appropriate department in your school to see how many hours of intern experience you will need to earn enough credits.
  • It helps you decide which area of law you wish to pursue and which specialty you’re cut out for – most law students find it difficult to decide on this issue, and many times, they think they know what they want, but only when they spend some time exploring other options do they realize what their true calling is.
  • Law internships help you gain valuable experience before you step into the professional world of lawyers. It’s good to have a glimpse of what your responsibilities will include once you leave the comfort zone of law school and step into the real world of practicing attorneys and court cases.
  • They look good on your resume and add to your desirability when you’re hoping to find a position with a prestigious law firm on graduation.
  • You get to work with many great thinkers in the law industry and gain the advantage of working under a mentor who could most often make a significant difference in your professional life and the course you choose for your career.
  • It’s common to make errors of judgment and mess up when you first start out in the professional world, but with an internship, you get to make your errors even before you start your first job, and you’re better prepared not to repeat them again.

Internships also help when you’re undecided about law school and want to test the waters before you apply. These pre-law internships not only help you earn course credit, but also work to your advantage in gaining admission to the top law schools in the country. Some interns get paid, others don’t – it depends on the kind of internship you get or choose. The broad exposure and the vast experience you gain as an intern make up for the lack of payment, and the other advantages also make it worth your while to spend your summer breaks working as an intern at a law office or clerking for a judge or at the courthouse.

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