Is Law School a Bad Idea?

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Most people, including lawyers, believe that law school is an excellent investment in yourself, regardless of whether you eventually practice law or use your legal education in another career. Of course, you must balance the cost (time and money) of law school with the benefits.

But the rising costs of law school tuition and the decreasing average salaries for attorneys are causing many to question whether law school is the right choice for them.

One article makes the case that you should seriously reconsider your motives if you are planning to attend law school: Applying to Law School? Please Reconsider! The article notes that the cost of law school is rising and law firm jobs are increasingly difficult to get, making it difficult for law school graduates to get jobs that pay enough to cover their six-figure student loan debt.

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4 Responses to “Is Law School a Bad Idea?”

  1. Ryan Nagy Says:

    Good points. You could make the same case against getting a PhD in the social sciences. It can take 5-10 years, and after considering lost wages and low starting salaries, it rarely pays off. Most of the Phd that graduate end up as low-wage adjuncts (i.e. wage slaves)

    cheers – Ryan

  2. Says:

    I think these kinds of debate should focus more on whether being an attorney really is what one thinks it is prior to going through school and practicing law. The education itself can easily be justified with the right employment.

    I have been an active member of the CA bar since 2003 and now act as the Director of Attorney Recruitment for a national structured settlement firm that places approximately $2 billion in structured settlement annuities every year. If you are a law student or lawyer interested in potential part-time employment, please submit a resume to our recruiter at the following website:

  3. Jim Says:

    I noticed a lot of law students blog and blog often. What motivates you and other law students to publish regularly?

    Law schools want students who can write extremely well and think logically, but with grade inflation and LSAT prep, why wouldn’t more pre-law students want to blog to impress admissions committees?


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