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Occasionally I try out new law firm software in hopes of finding one I actually like. Most law firm software is viewed as a necessary evil: old, cumbersome, and frustrating. This is a review of Easy Legal Billing.

What is Easy Legal Billing?

Easy Legal Billing is 100% web-based software that allows for usage on any internet-connected computer. Easy Legal Billing is a web-based legal invoicing platform that allows for on-demand LEDES file creation and attachment along with traditional invoices.

Easy Legal Billing is SAS (Software as a Service). It is essentially a website, like gmail or Google docs, that operates like software. Easy Legal Billing includes time tracking and fairly sophisticated invoice generation (as a PDF file or LEDES file).

Easy Legal Billing provides a way to track your time online, from within your web browser. Easy Legal Billing allows multiple users and customized invoices. Various plans are available including a free 30 day trial.

What is a LEDES File?

If you are asking what a LEDES file is, you probably don’t care about this feature. LEDES stands for Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard. The Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard is a set of file format specifications intended to standardize bill/invoice data transmitted electronically (“e-billed”) from a law firm to a corporate client. It is abbreviated LEDES and is usually pronounced as “leeds.”

Who Are Competitors to Easy Legal Billing?

Easy Legal Billing’s competitors are generic billing services like MC2 Anywhere, Freshbooks, Easy Time Tracking, and more, like these and these. There are also some other SAS options that focus on a whole suite of features for attorneys, such as Clio and Rocketmatter.

I use a similar service, MC2 Anywhere, which is simple and most importantly, exports directly into QuickBooks for easy invoice generation from within Quickbooks. It was unclear whether Easy Legal Billing can export directly into QuickBooks.

Should You Use Easy Legal Billing?

I didn’t use Easy Legal Billing enough to honestly assess how well its features work. If exporting to QuickBooks is important to you, I suggest you check out MC2 Anywhere. If LEDES billing is important to you, Easy Legal Billing looks promising.

DISCLOSURE: I was paid $20 to do this review of Easy Legal Billing. This review is an honest assessment of their services.

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