Don’t Mess with a Law Student’s Laptop

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A law student from Arizona State University College of Law recently made the news when a burglar broke into the law student’s apartment.

The law student awoke, and the burglar threatened to hurt him with a baseball bat unless the law student turned over his possessions. The law student freely turned over his wallet, guitar, and other items. But when the burglar went to take the laptop, he went too far.

“I was like, ‘Dude, no — please, no!” the law student said. “I have all my case notes�that’s four months of work!”

I’m going to smash your head in,” the burglar responded.

The law student was not willing to lose his class notes, case summaries, and course projects. He was determined that his GPA and professional future would not be altered by this criminal. The law student took matters into his own hands.

“I basically grabbed him and threw him this way, and he held onto the bat so it threw him to the ground,” the law student said.

The law student had no serious injuries. The burglar went to the hospital for stitches before being arrested.

Afterward, the law student commented about protecting his laptop. “It’s my baby,” he said. “Don’t mess with my computer.”

Read the full story and see after-shots of the burglar here.

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7 Responses to “Don’t Mess with a Law Student’s Laptop”

  1. Wang-Lo Says:

    Imagine what he would have done to the burglar if he was trying to steal his OLPC XO.


  2. Adept Says:

    Maybe this is the turning point for our intrepid student when he finally realizes he should back up his data. There are more real risks to losing it than a burglar and not backing up data of that importance is plain negligent.

  3. Josh Says:

    Adept, kudo’s on the backup recommendation. Laptop hard drives are especially susceptible to failure – I have my data backed up in a number of places.

    But, alas, it seems that the law student would do well to purchase a gun and learn how to use it safely. He’s lucky the bad guy only had a baseball bat, and he’s doubly lucky that he was able to overcome the bad guy. What would he have done if the guy was bigger than him – or had a knife?

    I revere and hold sacred all life – I don’t even eat meat. But I hold sacred my life over that of some bad guy who wants to do me harm. Any intruder in my home is rolling a heavy set of existential dice…

  4. Whittaker Says:

    I hope the student checked the case law first and made sure this was a justifiable use of force. It would be ironic if the burglar turned around and sued him.

  5. a sabry Says:

    where i live it is 100% legal to defend your property, self,
    or even others and their property. on some conditions , that you don’t exceed whats necessary etc..

    “natural law” has validity everywhere in the world, so any where in the world you happen to be don’t think he can sue you

    p.s. wikipedia defines natural justice as the “certain basic legal principles are required by nature, or so obvious that they should be applied universally without needing to be enacted into law by a legislator”

  6. Ng Leung Says:

    That dude is a real law student.

    I cant believe in the heat of being burgled the first thing that came to his mind over staying alive was his case notes

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