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Lately I’ve received a number of questions about law school. Most of the questions come from high school or college students who are considering law school.

For example, people have asked:

  • What is the process to get into law school?
  • Will having a photographic memory help me get into law school?
  • What LSAT score do I need to get into the top 5 law schools?
  • I am in (fill-in-the-blank) minority category—will that help me get into law school?

Law school students have less questions, but they want to exchange ideas:

  • I’m in a study group, but it seems like a waste of time. Maybe I should quit.
  • I’m not sure about creating my own outline when I can buy a professional outline and study that.
  • I am behind in my reading. I don’t know what to do.
  • Some law students annoy me because they…

For these reasons, I set up a simple way to exchange ideas, ask questions, and discuss law school: a law school forum.

Whether you have questions to learn more about law school or want to connect with others to discuss law school subjects, start up the conversation with your thoughts or questions. I will try to respond to your post within 24 hours, so you will get a quick response. Feel free to bring up any law school subject. The forums cover three general time periods:

  1. Before Law School � LSAT, Admissions, Applications, and Pre-Law Questions
  2. During Law School � Exams, Study Tips, Grades, Strategies, Study Groups, Life as a Law Student
  3. After Law School � Bar Exam, Law Jobs, Salaries, Attorney Careers, Life as a Lawyer

Join the discussion: Law Student Forum.

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2 Responses to “Talk with Law Students, Pre-Law Students”

  1. ImogenRedfern Says:

    Hello im 17 and to become a lawyer is my dream. Im having to do tow resits but in september i amd starting; Law, Enlish combined, Philosiphy and Politics. Do you think these are good choices for a further career and a possibility of doing a Law degree? x

  2. admin Says:

    Yes, these are good choices for a career in law and law degree. Law school and a career as an attorney significantly involve philosophy, English, and politics. Also, the ability to write well and think logically will give you a great advantage in law school and beyond.

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