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It’s that time of year again—back to school. Soon, you’ll be up to your nose in coursework, with little or no time for yourself, not to mention the lack of time and money that comes along with your quest for the coveted law degree.

No one understands the life of a law student like your fellow law students, so take a couple minutes (when you can) to catch up with some people who feel your pain. You may get some great ideas, or find solace in the fact that others are suffering more than you. Here’s a list of some blogs written for and by law students for your perusal.

1. Law Magazine Weblog: No one knows the travails of law students and lawyers like the folks at Law Magazine Weblog. For articles on the life of law students and lawyers, to news and features regarding the profession, take a look at this blog for insights from others who feel your pain.

2. Schaffer Law Library Blog: You don’t have to attend Albany Law School to benefit from the postings on this blog. Keep up with law-related news, find research tips, as well as articles related to law writing and being a successful lawyer and law student when you visit.

3. Barely Legal: The Blog: If you haven’t visited this blog, you must do so at first opportunity. At one point, this was the most popular law student blog in the world. Read through an immense amount of knowledge and resources on everything from study skills and tips to passing the bar.

4. JD Law Students Blog: This blog contains posts by law students of varying experience levels who are currently attending Vermont Law School. For real, unadulterated thoughts on law school in general, or the occasional rant, take a look at this blog. Some tips and advice are also available if you look around for a bit.

5. The Frugal Law Student: In a recent post, I blogged about The Frugal Law Student. If you haven’t taken a look at his tips and advice to help you make your way through law school in a financially sound way, you should do so as soon as possible. He shares his insights and experiences related to dealing with all of the pressures and stresses of being a law student.

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  1. Brian Denton Says:

    Good post. I concur. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog is also great. They will occasionally end a post with a question for students to answer pertaining to the issues brought up in the post.

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