A Law Student’s Blog Success Story

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How does a law student blogger create two of the most popular blogs on the internet?

Even though there are blogs on every topic under the sun, relatively few law school blogs exist. Of the law school blogs available, only a handful have the high quality and popularity of Frugal Law Student.

The Frugal Law Student was created by a law student, providing tips on how to save money in law school while living a simple and happy life. Any law student can tell you that law school is expensive, not simple, and often stressful. For these reasons, Frugal Law Student met a need—and became a hit among law students and people everywhere who appreciated his simple tips and ideas for living a simple, frugal, happier life.

Why did law student Brett McKay start Frugal Law Student? How did he get into blogging? How did he find the time? What blog did he recently launch with huge success? If you are a law student interested in blogging, or if you just want to know why Brett’s blogs became so popular, you will enjoy this short interview with Brett McKay, one of the original law student bloggers.

LawStudent.tv: What did you enjoy most about law school?
Frugal Law Student: The intellectual challenge. I loved synthesizing the law into something that’s understandable. I called it “cracking the code.”

LawStudent.tv: Why did you decide to start a blog about law school?
Frugal Law Student: Law school pretty much consumes an individual for three years of their life, so it was natural for me to write about it. The main reason I started to blog was I wanted a creative outlet from the formality and rigors of law.

LawStudent.tv: How did you find the time to learn about blogging and do so much writing while in law school?
Frugal Law Student: I just had to make time. I kept a pretty strict schedule, so I always had time for it. Getting up early and writing on the weekends helped.

LawStudent.tv: What did you enjoy most about blogging?
Frugal Law Student: The connections you make with others. Also, it’s pretty cool to see something you wrote get discussed in the blogsphere.

LawStudent.tv: Do you plan to continue to blog during your law career?
Frugal Law Student: I sure do.

LawStudent.tv: What other blogs do you have and what are they about?
Frugal Law Student: The Art of Manliness. It’s a men’s interest online magazine that discusses how men can be better men without all the emphasis on scantily clad women like other men’s magazines have.

LawStudent.tv: What tips or resources would you suggest for law students who want to start blogging like you?
Frugal Law Student: Read some good blogs about blogging. Problogger and Daily Blog Tips definitely helped me out.

LawStudent.tv: Do you have any tips or advice for law students regarding how to survive law school?
Frugal Law Student: Don’t take it too seriously. Manage your time well. Do those two things and you’ll survive.

After Brett started Frugal Law Student, he started the Art of Manliness blog. The Art of Manliness has over 15,000 subscribers and even more general visitors.

See for yourself why Brett’s law school blog and men’s blog have become so popular.

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